Keeping up with the latest innovations in product packaging can be difficult without the right packaging machinery. Our innovative VERSA machine is designed to adapt to the market and keep an eye on the future without hindering the efficiency or scalability of production - all at the same time.

VERSA's long experience in the industry and continuous engineering studies allow us to build a machine that responds to all your needs. Synerlink’s VERSA cup filling machine is engineered to fill a wide variety of processing cups while minimizing changeover time and maximizing your production efficiency. Thanks to the automatic loading and unloading of slats, the change in production is efficient and optimized.


VERSA Cup Filling Machines Provide Endless Flexibility

The VERSA cup filling machine allows you to adapt to your customers' needs and diversify your offering by accepting and processing cups of different shapes, materials, diameters and heights with a format changeover as quick as 20 minutes.

The VERSA cup filling machine is designed for fast and easy cleaning with removable slats. No tools are required, while the fast-return system reduces the number of slats required.

Employees’ well-being on the job is not constraint to safety. The VERSA cup filling machine abides by all safety regulations and its ergonomic design improves the day-to-day on your plant. With a chest-high loading station and dedicated tables for containers or boxes, the operator’s movement are optimized. The high visibility throughout the whole production process assures the correct functioning of the machine and the adjustments to the slats’ changeovers, transparency, weight and size allows for a reduced risk of error.


The Advantages of VERSA

Minimize Time Spent on Maintenance

The VERSA cup filling machine features a clean chainless design with no lubrication that both simplifies maintenance and increases hygiene safety. Maintenance operations are aided by the easy disassembly and reassembly technology.

Achieve High Production Speeds

The VERSA cup filling machine can reach production speeds of up to 12,000 cups per hour. The VERSA cup filling machine can be loaded while the machine is running to reduce downtime. With the VERSA cup filling a machine, you can have a super quick changeover for your production changes.

Expand Your Product Offerings

The VERSA cup filling machine is built to grow with your production business. Modules allow you to customize your production line, even until the FAT or after the machine delivery. These modules can be easily reconfigured or removed to alter your machine’s capabilities. Our editable hardware allows for future evolutions in your product packaging


Endless Flexibility in Multiple Markets

The VERSA cup filling machine can handle a wide variety of packaging shapes and sizes. The VERSA cup filling machine works best with the following markets:

Dairy Products


Baby Food


Expand Your Business

From small to large businesses, the VERSA cup filling machine is perfect for your evolving production needs. As your business grows, the VERSA cup filling machine can adapt with you. You can reconfigure or add new modules to your existing VERSA cup filling machine as your production expands. Both small and large productions value the VERSA cup filling machine’s fast changeover time.


Learn More About Synerlink and VERSA

Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about the VERSA cup filling machine’s wide range of capabilities and functionality.