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Sweet Spreads and Desserts

Jams, Jellies and Sweet Spreads Packaging Machines

Synerlink designs and produces filling and sealing machines for jams, jelly and sweet spreads such as marmalades, nut-based spreads, fruit-based spreads and vegetable-based spreads. Our industry-leading filling and sealing machines offer you the flexibility to meet your customers’ tastes in packaging and formats, from mini-portion to multipacks and family-sized packaging.

Synerlink offers fully integrated lines with form-fill-seal (FFS) machines and fill-seal (FS) machines to meet your production ambitions and satisfy your needs. Thanks to our knowledge of filling and dosing technologies, Synerlink always offers the best solutions according to the specifications of your product such as viscosity, acidity and so on.

Synerlink has collaborated with its customers for more than 80 years to deliver filling and packaging solutions that are adapted for specific production and business ambitions.

Cup thermoforming, filling and sealing machines

By packaging your preserves with a thermoformed solution, not only will you have full control over the production line of your packaging, but you’ll also drastically reduce packaging, transportation and stocking costs.

Our equipment can handle different cup sizes and shapes on the same line to fulfill all your production needs. Our packaging design experts will follow you through the journey to help you style and create the best packaging, according to your needs and specifications.

Cup and jar filling and sealing machines

Whether your packaging of choice is paper, glass, or plastic; Synerlink solutions are designed to create the best production line to deliver your customer a quality-assured, regulation-abiding and enticing product. Our dosing and sealing experience allows us to manipulate various types of products to create your dream packaging, dosing, and sealing solutions.

Fully integrated solutions with end-of-line equipment

From product transfer to case packing machineries, Synerlink develops a broad range of solutions to complete your production line from raw material to distribution pallets. These solutions can be fully integrated with FFS and FS machines, regardless of products, machine composition or brand.

As member of the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, Synerlink’s solutions can also be fully integrated with other Barry-Wehmiller brands. This allows us to offer best-in-class solutions for your production needs from the product to the pallet.