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Sweet Spreads and Dessert Filling Equipment

Improve your dessert and spreads packaging with a filling machine from Synerlink. We have over 40 years of equipment expertise and a global reach, making us one of the packaging industry’s most trusted brands.

At Synerlink we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with each customer we serve. This gives us the opportunity to engineer custom machine solutions from start to finish.

Learn more about Synerlink’s innovative high speed dessert filling machinery and how it can improve your production process.


Machines for Dessert and Sweet Spread Packaging

Synerlink manufactures horizontal and vertical form fill and seal (FFS) and fill and seal (FS) machines suitable for a variety of packaging types.

Cup Thermoforming, Filling and Sealing Machines

Thermoforming is the process of applying a heated product cup material to a container mold. The heat causes the sheet of cup material to form into the same shape as the container mold.

This gives you full control over your dessert’s packaging and often leads to reduced production costs.

Once thermoformed, the cup is ready to be filled with your product. Each filling machine at Synerlink is built for accurate filling and minimal product loss. Synerlink has filling solutions available for an assortment of product viscosities and packaging sizes. View our FFS solutions

Cup and Jar Filling, Dosing and Packaging

Synerlink offers dosing equipment that allows customers to shape products according to their own unique requirements.

Our dosing solutions are ideal for customers who package multiple flavors of a product under the same SKU. Synerlink dosing equipment can accommodate both hot and cold filling products and provide extended shelf life for products like pudding and custard.

No matter the shape, Synerlink offers solutions for cups, jars & more. Click here to look at our filling solutions

Customized Solutions for a Variety of Sweet Spreads and Dessert Products

We provide sweets packaging solutions for a wide array of dessert and spread products, including:

  • Fruit-based spreads
  • Nut-based spreads
  • Vegetable-based spreads
  • Marmalades
  • Honey
  • Caramel

Find the Right Dessert Filling Equipment for Your Packaging Line

Synerlink’s top-of-the-line dessert filling machinery and end-of-line solutions are designed to your specifications. This makes any Synerlink machinery an integral part of your production line for years to come.

All Synerlink machines are built with stainless steel for durability and cleanliness. The stainless-steel surface makes our machines easy to clean and maintain. Many of our filling machines are designed with an optimized machine footprint which lets you get the most out of your facilities’ production space.

Packaging systems from Synerlink are reliable and are built to improve your production line speed. This gives you more products out of less machine time, which can lead to reduced costs. Many of these machines also have a quick machine changeover for manufacturers with more than one product line.

Synerlink solutions can be fully integrated with FFS and FS machines, regardless of products, machine composition or brand.

No matter the size, shape, or number of products you manufacture, you can be sure Synerlink has the dessert and sweet spreads filling machine for you. All machines are versatile, allowing you to expand your product offerings.

Need more than just a filling or end-of-line solution for your sweet spread or dessert product lines? Synerlink can work with other Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Company brands or external providers to fully integrate your custom machine solution to your requirements.  


The Added Value of Choosing A Solution from Synerlink

Synerlink has over 50 years of experience designing and servicing packaging machines for a wide range of sweet spread and dessert products.

All solutions offered by Synerlink are turn-key, enabling you to get the most out of your machinery from the first day.

Support from Synerlink doesn’t end after installation. Our skilled team of service technicians located around the globe will continue to perform routine maintenance and monitor your machine’s performance.

Speak to a Synerlink representative today to find the food packaging filling machine fit for your application today!