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Dairy Pack Fill Seal Machines

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For your dairy project to be a success, it’s critical to have a professional packaging equipment partner who can understand and quickly satisfy your expectations. Our Dairy Pack equipment is designed with versatility, efficiency, and performance at high speeds.

Together with Dairy Pack, Synerlink’s objective is to respond to your needs quickly, guiding you to the most efficient solution. As a core value, we always keep our commitment to be transparent and trustworthy partners. Our experience, lean organization structure, commitment to innovation, and service capabilities ensure a successful outcome for your next dairy packaging project. 


Why Choose Dairy Pack?

Dairy Pack was established in 2002 in Logrono, Spain. Since its inception, Dairy Pack was driven to answer its customers’ special requests. The team in Logrono has always demonstrated an unmatched ability to adapt to both the technical and economic challenges of its loyal client base.

Developing ingenious solutions for fill-seal (FS) cup machines, Dairy Pack’s technology portfolio perfectly complements the Hema primary-packaging machine ranges. Logrono is the Synerlink operation center for entry-level and mid-capacity FS machines.


Solutions for a Wide Range of Dairy Products

Dairy Pack range of solutions is designed to handle a wide variety of dairy products including yogurt, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, and other cheeses. Dairy Pack can also package sauces, condiments, baby food, fruits, vegetables, sweet spreads, and desserts.

The Dairy Pack range of solutions is designed to handle a wide variety of products: from standard to multi-layer dairy cup filling and more. Our filling units can manage various textures while respecting the integrity of your product.

Our solutions offer a wide variety of cup and bottle shapes and sizes: from simple to 3 compartments for cups, and from mini portions to multiple liters bottles.


Dairy Pack Filling Machines

Dairy Pack’s dosing expertise allows us to address your needs through optimized machine design. Our fillers work with several machine speeds, hygienic standards, and varieties of food and beverage products.


The DAIRY PACK DP60C cup filling machine, you can package your products in preformed cups with extremely accurate filling. The DP60C can handle paper, plastic, and aluminum cups. Its compact footprint and high-cost efficiency are ideal for small to medium production lines.


Our DAIRY PACK RM90C cup forming machine is known for its small footprint and high-cost efficiency. Our gentle multi-layers well-known filling capability is ideal for a wide range of dairy products. This machine versatility and technical efficiency are ideal for medium lines.


With our DAIRY PACK RM12C cup filling machine, we can address multiple formats, known for its extremely high flexibility, our equipment is designed to make all operations at ground level. Our gentle multi-layers well-known filling capability is ideal for premium dairy products with high accuracy. The filling volume goes from 80 to 1,500 ml with multi-flavors capability at a speed up to 60,000 cups per hour with double index.

Why Invest in Dairy Pack Machines?

Your operators will love our Dairy Pack machines. «Simple» and «easy-to-use» are adjectives our customers commonly use to describe our mid-range solutions.

A single operator will be able to run the machine using the HMI. Our lean-designed machines are conceived to facilitate operations along the line and to optimize maintenance costs, without compromising reliability.


Dairy Pack Cup and Jar Solutions

Our Dairy Pack equipment can handle paper, plastic, aluminum cups, and more, as well as preformed cups. Expert cup placing is used for high efficacy, and you can fully control the flow of cups, allowing for easy transfer of complex cups.

Dairy Pack Bottles Solutions

Our Dairy Pack equipment can handle a variety of bottle shapes and sizes and bottle material (PET, HDPE, PP or PS), Nearly anything is possible with Dairy Pack, from unique bottle shapes and decorations to one-of-a-kind caps. 


Learn More About Synerlink and Dairy Pack Cup and Bottle Fill-Seal Machines

Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about Dairy Pack’s wide range of capabilities and functionality.  



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