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Yogurt Filling Machines

Improve your yogurt production with a yogurt filling machine from Synerlink. We have over 40 years of experience engineering filling and packaging machinery for the dairy industry. This experience allows us to help you meet and exceed your yogurt packaging needs.

Synerlink is a market leader in dairy products. Our packaging machines can help your company expand production, lower manufacturing costs and more.

Learn more about how our yogurt packaging machines and how we support the dairy industry.

Specialized Equipment for Yogurt Filling

Yogurt is a fermented food, which means it requires special packaging to keep cultures and probiotics safe for consumption.

Synerlink’s yogurt filling machines provide a sanitary environment while operating at high speeds. This combination allows for optimal yogurt production. Our yogurt filling machines are built with stainless steel, making our machines easy to clean and incredibly durable.

Synerlink provides unique solutions for your yogurt production. Our experienced engineers work with you to create a machine that fits your yogurt production line. Many of these machines offer additional customization options to enhance your machine’s capacity or speed.


Yogurt Cup Filling Machines

Improve your yogurt production rates with Synerlink’s cup filling machines capable of handling 4,000 to 60,000 cups per hour. These high speed yogurt packaging machines can reduce machine downtime and increase the speed of machine changeovers.

All yogurt cup filling machines offered by Synerlink can fill paper and plastic containers. Some models are even capable of filling glass containers, which can add a lot to your yogurt product’s packaging.

Our yogurt machines also offer three different levels of product decontamination for standard, extended, and long shelf-life products. 

Our dosing expertise allows customers to fill multiple flavors under the same SKU for extra versatility.

Learn more about Synerlink’s cup filling machinery, click here.


Cup Form-Fill-Seal Machinery

Each of Synerlink’s cup-form-fill-seal machines is a one-stop solution for forming, filling, and sealing your yogurt products. 

All machine features are designed to improve your yogurt production and catch the eye of potential consumers.

Create unique sizes and shapes or family packs on one line with our machine’s mold-changing capabilities. This enables you to keep your production line seamless, reducing the time lost in machine changeover processes. 

The design and container options are limitless with a cup form-fill-seal machine from Synerlink. To learn more about these machines, view our cup form-fill-seal products.


End-of-Line Equipment

Automate your end-of-line operations with an end-of-line solution from Synerlink. Our machines can handle a wide range of yogurt product end-of-line operations, such as:

  • Merging
  • Sleeving
  • Overwrapping
  • Case Packing
  • Palletizing

View All End of Line Equipment by Synerlink


Quality Yogurt Filling Machines

All machines are built with stainless steel for durability and cleanliness. The stainless-steel surfaces make our yogurt machines easy to clean and maintain. Many of these machines are designed with an optimized machine footprint that lets you get the most out of your yogurt production floor.

Machines from Synerlink improve your production line’s speed. This gives you more yogurt products in less machine time, which can lead to reduced costs. Many of these machines are designed for quick machine changeovers, making them suitable for manufacturers with more than one product line.


Customized Solutions for a Variety of Yogurt Products

Synerlink’s yogurt filling machines and end-of-line solutions are designed to your specifications. This makes any Synerlink machinery an integral part of your production line for years to come.

No matter the size, shape, or number of products you manufacture, you can be sure Synerlink has the yogurt filling machine for you.


Find the Right Yogurt Filling Machine for Your Packaging Line

Synerlink has over 50 years of experience designing and servicing machinery for a wide range of yogurt manufacturers. All solutions offered by Synerlink are turn-key, enabling you to get the most out of your machinery from day one.

Wanting more than just a filling or end-of-line solution for your yogurt production line? Synerlink can work alongside other Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Company brands or with external providers to fully integrate your custom machine solution to your requirements or build full solutions.

Support from Synerlink doesn’t end after installation – our skilled team of service technicians located around the globe will continue to perform routine maintenance and monitor machine performance.

Speak to a Synerlink representative today to find the yogurt filling machine fit for your application today!


Synerlink’s Yogurt Market Insights

Synerlink’s experience in the yogurt and other food product packaging solutions allows us to provide expert insights on trends in the yogurt market.


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