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Yogurt Filling Machines

Boost your yogurt production with Synerlink’s industry leading line of filling and packaging machines. With over 50 years of experience in production line solutions, Synerlink machines are highly customized to your industry’s demands.

At Synerlink, we provide cup form fill seal (FFS) and cup filling (FS) machines ideal for yogurt manufacturers. Capable of handling more than one product, these machines are great for large manufacturing facilities with multiple product lines.

Cup Form Fill Seal Machines

Synerlink’s line of cup-form-fill-seal machines are a one-stop solution for packaging, filling, and sealing your product. Manufacturers can create custom cup forms and apply unique packaging features. All features further enable your product to catch the eye of potential consumers.

For those wanting to create unique sizes or family packs on one line, our machines allow for mold changing. This allows you to keep your production line seamless, decreasing the wasted time caused by machine changeovers. The design and container options are limitless with a cup form fill and seal machine from Synerlink. To learn more about these machines, view our cup form fill seal products.

Cup Filling Machines

Improve your yogurt production rates with Synerlink’s cup filling machines capable of handling 4,000 to 60,000 cups per hour. To reduce machine downtime, they are also engineered for quick changeovers. All cup filling machines offered by Synerlink can fill paper, plastic, and aluminum containers. Some models are even capable of filling glass containers.

Our machines also offer three different levels of product decontamination for standard, extended, and long shelf-life products. To learn more about Synerlink’s cup filling machinery, click here.

Innovative Packaging Designs

Expand your packaging’s creativity with a cup form-fill-seal or cup filling system from Synerlink. Create unique cup designs for yogurt packaging with a Dairy Pack cup filling machine. These machines are capable of filling round, oval, square, conical, and reverse conical packaging shapes.

Synerlink’s Arcil and Dairy Pack brands allow you to fulfill seasonal marketing initiatives with ease. Our machines allow you to manufacture new cup sizes for products or add additional product layers with ease. Both cup filling and form-fill-seal solutions can be customized to your unique requirements. With our skilled team of Synerlink engineers, no packaging idea is impossible.

Fully Integrated Solutions for Yogurt Manufacturers

At Synerlink, we offer complete solutions for your yogurt packaging line. As a member of the Barry-Wehmiller Family of Companies, we are comprised of the packaging industry’s most reputable brands. All solutions offered by Synerlink can be fully integrated with other Barry-Wehmiller solutions. This allows us to fulfill your production needs from start to finish.

To learn more about our integrated solutions and innovative product offerings, contact a Synerlink representative today.

Yogurt Packaging Styles