Inline Form-Fill-Seal Machines

Synerlink has served as one of the packaging industry’s most trusted supplier of high-speed machines and custom production line solutions for over 50 years. We are a leading manufacturer of form fill seal machines for a wide range of food and beverage markets.

Whether you produce mini-portions or larger quantities, Synerlink has the right flexible packaging equipment for your business. Each form fill seal machine from Synerlink can be customized to your needs and other product offerings. With Synerlink, you have more project flexibility than any other company in the Form-Fill-Seal market.

Learn more about Synerlink’s revolutionary form fill seal packaging machinery.


How Do Synerlink Form-Fill-Seal Machines Work?

A vertical form fill seal machine can be used to keep your product portions consistent. These machines use heat and air pressure to convert your chosen material into a cup. These machines are ideal for those creating PS, PET, PLA, and PP cup product packaging. They are also suitable for packaging with recycled materials such as rPET or rPS. Our experts will test your material to have an optimal production.

Once the cup is formed, it makes its way to the product filling station where it’s filled with the product and then sealed by a roll of film to guarantee freshness.

The products are then cut into their appropriate product portion, making snack size or family size portions less of a hassle.


Leading FFS Machine Brands

Synerlink is proud to offer form fill seal machines from Arcil, an industry-leading brand and innovator in form fill seal technology. Each machine from Arcil is tailored to its applications needs and operator requirements, giving you the ability to get the most out of your machine run time.

There are over 350 Arcil form fil seal machines in use around the globe. Each receives service and routine maintenance for optimal efficiency.


Innovative Form-Fill-Seal Technologies

Make your products stand out on the shelf by packaging your product with a form-fill-seal machine by Synerlink. Create unique packaging designs and decorations for all your product offerings aimed to catch your target audience’s attention.

Synerlink’s line of form-fill-seal machines makes it easy to customize your product’s packaging to your promotional initiatives and marketing strategy. These packaging machines can create multi-flavor and multi-product packs, simplifying your production process.

In addition to creating a wide variety of packaging styles, an FFS machine from Synerlink can also compose unique product SKUs.

Each cup form-fill-seal machine from Synerlink is engineered to be scalable, allowing the machine’s capabilities to expand alongside your business. This makes it easy to take on a new production level or create new product cup sizes.

There are also machine add-ons capable of inserting dry ingredients or product toppers, making your product more unique than its competitors.


Benefits of Synerlink FFS Machines

Aside from Synerlink’s cup form-fill-seal machinery’s flexibility, it also offers its operators many other benefits.

Like other packaging solutions from Synerlink, these machines are engineered for high-speed production rates and accurate product filling. This allows you to reduce the amount of product and material losses, increasing the efficiency of your production line.

Here are some more benefits of Synerlink’s form fill seal machines:

  • Reach production speeds of up to 57,600 cups per hour
  • Create the multipack of your choice with a low cost per cup
  • Ideal for PS, PET, PLA, and PP cup packaging material
  • Allows for different cup shapes on the same line (mold changing)
  • Create unique lid and decoration items
  • Ground-level operations and easy access to all areas
  • Optimized footprint


Solutions for Multipacks and Premium Unitary Cups

Synerlink’s form-fill-seal machines give you the options to create multiproduct and multiflavored product packages.

Synerlink also has experience in a wide variety of end-of-line operations, such as palletizing or product sleeving. This lets us design your production line from start to finish, making each part of your production process efficient.

Our form-fill-seal machines can be found being used by well-known brands to produce trendsetting premium single cups that utilize all the machine options available.

These cup form-fill-seal machines can be used in a wide range of product markets, such as:

  • Yogurt
  • Custard
  • Stewed Fruits
  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Hummus
  • Vinegar
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Cheese spread

These machines can handle many more products that are in mini, individual, or multi-serving portions.


Get the Package Design You Want

 To find the system best suited to your production needs, use the chart below. You’ll find valuable information about the system’s production speed, capabilities, and material proficiencies.

Contact us today to help you find the perfect form fill seal equipment for your needs.

  Material Cup shape and label Filling volume Cups/hour for 100 ml cup
ARCIL DN200PS, PP, Multilayer
Mini Portion, 360° straight, conical10-240 ml 1,440 to 5,400
(10,800 for mini-portions)
ARCIL DN250PS, PP, PET, Multilayer Mini Portion, 360° straight, conical, straight label             10-100 ml
14,400 to 21,600
(36,200 for mini-portions)
ARCIL DP100PS, PET, PLA, PP, MultilayerMini Portion, paper label, straight , full or partial height

10-1,000 ml

up to 7,200
(21,600 for mini-portions)
ARCIL DP300PS, PET, PLA, PP, Multilayer
360° straight, conical, wave, decor label,
partial IML, capping
25-1,000 ml 14,400 to 28,800
ARCIL AR700PS, PET, PLA, PP, Multilayer
360° straight, conical, wave, decor label,
partial IML and open-mold
25-1,000 ml 26,880 to 57,600



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