Our end-of-line solutions include a wide range of equipment for sleeving, batch preparation, overwrapping, case forming, case packing, stacking, elevating and palletizing. They can either be supplied as part of a complete Synerlink filling line or be added to primary packaging machines from other OEMs.

Highly flexible filling lines create new demands on downstream equipment Product handling, as well as secondary and tertiary packaging operations, become increasingly complex and must be carried out at an always higher pace, in limited space.

To meet these needs, we focus on smart robotic solutions, seamlessly integrated in your production process by our experts.

Our end-of-line engineering team is continuously working at developing new solutions that make the best use of robotics to enhance packaging creativity, flexibility, quality, increase automated operation (for example, automatic carton feeding), and reduce end-of-line footprint. With our smart and compact robotic end-of-lines, you get the best value per square measurement.

We also provide intermittent motion (sequential) solutions, continuous motion solutions, or a combination of both technologies to suit your specific end-of-line requirements.

Intermittent motion solutions help to create a compact and efficient secondary packaging line from 30 to 200 packs per minute with positive or classic conveying, regardless of your upstream equipment.

Continuous motion solutions with integrated robotics brings efficient high capacity end-of-line solutions up to 360 overwraps per minute. Its flexibility simplifies product changeover and end of production operations with zero packaging loss.

We create optimal end-of-line packaging solutions for single or multipack cups and bottles that support your branding and logistic requirements:

  • Development of smaller sales units (1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2) for premium market segments.
  • Development of mixed packs to satisfy more customers or promote new flavors. (We also provide on-line solutions for such packs.)
  • Shelf-ready SKUs (display cases, open tray, grid tray) to make distributors’ work easier and ensure perfect product placement.
  • Optimized palletization to reduce transport cost and environmental footprint.

  Function Particularity Assets Rate
EL GRIP  Transfer tool Positive transfer of cups from the outlet of a FFS machine to the downstream equipment Line length optimization Smooth and positive way to manage the cups, including orientation -
EL MERGE  Automated merger tool Robotic merger or diverger cell Without any guide, adjustments, or parts changeover -
EL SLEEVE  Sleeving machine from the bottom-up Multi-lane machine Positive handling of cups all along the sleeving process Super compact footprint Alignment of sleeve labels with the lid Up to 43,200 cups/hours
EL WRAP  Continuous cardboard overwrapping Great access for cardboard loading High volume capacity In option: automatic variable pitch Best fit with robotic infeed tools Up to 360 packs/mn
EL LOAD  Case packer Robotic standard solution Compatible with both intermittent or continuous process No mechanical requirements Without any guide, adjustments and parts changeover Up to 43,200 cups/hours
EL CLOSE  Case closer Intermittent or continuous closing process with hotmelt glue Able to accomodate carton design variablility Automatic format changeover Up to 60 cases/min
EL FORM  Case or tray former Great access for cardboard loading High volume capacity Compatible with automatic cartons feeding Full automatic changeover except the mandrel tool Up to 60 trays/min (per head)
EL PAL  Robotic palletizer Tailored made robotic solution to meet the project requirements Safe robotic cell High flexibility -
EL STEP  Combination of cardboard overwrapping and casepacking Overwrapping and case packing operation are executed in the same machine block Modular architecture Multi-lane sequential functions To be verified according to configuration