ARCIL DP300 is renown for its high efficiency and precision in cup thermoforming. Its compact design and exceptional cost efficiency makes the ARCIL DP300 an ideal solution for premium dairy products. Its performances and technical qualities make it the perfect fit for medium-scale production lines.

With all operations at chest level, our equipment is easy-to-use and your operators will love it! With a speed of up to 21,600 cups/hour and 28,800 cups/hour for the DP500 version, cups are filled and sealed in ultra-clean conditions. The DP300 and its sister the DP500 can handle various materials (PS, PET, PLA, PP, multilayer) and deliver wide range of conical and straight cups with or without label.

ARCIL DP500 is a wider version of the DP300, allowing to increase the number of cups per stroke. All systems and technologies are common to both models and can be applied without reservation.


The DP300 and DP500 are cost-effective thermoforming machines for dairy and food products, their compact footprint allied with their ability to ability to run various plastics like PET, PLA, PS, PP, multilayer and multiple packaging designs with 1, 2, or 3 cavities are among their strongest benefits, but they are also:

Engineered for Performance

• Customizable speed up to 30 cycles per minute

• Production speed up to 28.800 cups/hour

• Reduced time from installation to market


High Accuracy Dosing

• Up to 3 different fillers for multi-layer products

• Suitable for most homogeneous and pumpable products with fruit pieces

• Synerlink offer a global commitment for hygenic, integrity and accuracy of the filled products.

• Filler device outside the filling area for ultra-clean hygiene (optionnal)

• Available test filler for customer product optimization and faster ramp-up


Customizable Labeling

• Cup thermoforming with or without label: straight or complex cup shapes

• In mold labeling with single face (rectangle or stamped) or multi-sided (L or U shape, Butterfly)

• Continuous production during reel changeover and splicing

• Fast reel changeover and label splicing, machine stop < 4 minutes


Augmented Ergonomics for Consumables

• Operations at chest height (110 cm/43.3 in)

• Automatic loading while machine is running

• Format changeovers in 15 minutes


Designed for Easy Cleaning and Accessibility

• Designed with a strong focus on hygiene and cleanability

• Conceived for fast and efficient cleaning

• High visibility on stations and tooling

• High accessibility for inspections, maintenance and cleaning operations

• Customizable HMI visualization for optimized production reporting

ARCIL DP300 and DP500 represents cutting-edge innovation, efficiency, and reliability in cup thermoforming technology. With its outstanding capabilities and intuitive design, it's an ideal option for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging processes.

Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about our machine’s wide range of capabilities and functionality.