Arcil Packaging Machines

Arcil began in 1978 near Paris as an after-sales service provider of thermoforming machines. The first Arcil FFS for the fresh-dairy industry was introduced in 1988.

Arcil’s mission is to create cost-effective solutions for spoonable single serving and family-sized serving products for the agri-food and fresh dairy products industries using form-fill-seal packaging machines.


Arcil Packaging Solutions for Dairy Products

Arcil’s range of solutions is designed to handle a wide variety of dairy products including yogurt, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, and other cheeses. Arcil machinery can also package sauces, condiments, baby food, fruits, vegetables, sweet spreads, desserts and more.

Arcil’s ultra-clean packaging machines are designed to package single portion or family-size portions of dairy products and desserts. With Arcil you can manage a variety of textures while respecting the integrity of your product.

With 400 form-fill-seal machines installed in over 40 countries around the world, Arcil provides the ideal solution for packaging premium dairy products.

Revolutionary Packaging Equipment for the Dairy Industry  

Arcil’s revolutionary technical features made the company an instant hit and allowed them to become the leader of form-fill-seal ultra-clean technology.

In 2013, this trusted brand has been a founding part of the Synerlink family. The same principles which made Arcil a leading name in the industry back in 1978 are still present in todays machinery.

By using heat and air pressure, Arcil equipment converts plastic film into custom shaped containers. Each container is then precisely filled with your product and sealed for an extended shelf-life. By utilizing Arcil technology, you can reduce contamination risks by ensuring your products are consistently packaged with expert sterility.  

Arcil FF 600

Our ARCIL FF 600 cup thermoforming machine is easy-to-operate, durable, and utilizes a minimal design. Gentle multi-layers well-known filling capability are ideal for filling your premium dairy products with high accuracy. The ARCIL FF600 is highly adaptable and offers easy changeover, making it ideal for high-speed production lines.



Why Choose Arcil Packaging Machines? 

Our Arcil equipment is designed for operations at ground level. Form-fill-seal packages are shipped in plastic reels and thermoformed in your plant. Cups are filled and sealed in ultra-clean conditions at a speed up to 57,600 cups per hour. Our Arcil equipment can handle various materials such as PS, PET, PLA, PP, multilayer. Arcil delivers a wide range of conical, straight and open mold cups with or without label.

Arcil Packaging Designs

With Arcil machinery, you can create the packaging designs that best fit your product. We have a wide variety of form-fill-seal cup packaging designs that fit a large range of products.

Arcil Packaging Custom Cutting Solutions

Our Arcil lines feature patented Snapcut technology cutting solutions.

Snapcut enables dairy processors to cut and pre-cut 0.7 mm PET, PP, and all other recyclable and recycled plastics, allowing you to reduce plastic thickness. Our cutting tools works seamlessly with Arcil form-fill-seal machines, offering a large range of cup shapes and materials.


Find the Right Arcil Packaging Machine for Your Needs 

Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about Arcil Packaging’s wide range of capabilities and functionality.  


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