Arcil: A World Leader In Form-Fill-Seal Technology

Arcil’s revolutionary technical features within its machines made the company an instant hit and allowed them to become the leader of form-fill-seal ultra-clean technology.

Arcil specializes in single portion, ultra-clean packaging for milk products and desserts with 350 form fill seal machines installed in over 40 countries around the world. Arcil machines are entirely tailored to the needs of each customer and have been thus chosen by major dairy groups as well as small local producers.

Who is Arcil

Arcil began in 1978 near Paris, as an after-sales service provider of thermoforming machines. The first Arcil FFS for the fresh-dairy industry was introduced in 1988.

Arcil’s mission is to create cost-effective solutions for spoonable single serving products for the agri-food and fresh dairy products industries using form-fill-seal packaging machines.

The operation center in Puiseux-Pontoise, France is our main location for both medium- and high-capacity complete FFS lines.


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