ARCIL DN200 - Plastic Introduction



Compact and affordable, our DN200 is designed to streamline your production process, our equipment offers unparalleled ease-of-use and efficiency, making it ideal for small-scale operations and product tests. With a capacity of up to 5,400 cups/hour or 10,800 mini-portions/hour, the DN200  is optimal for industries where flexibility and affordability are critical.


Easy Operation and Reliability

Our machine is engineered for ease of use and utmost reliability, ensuring smooth operations at all times.


From yogurt and dairy desserts to sauces and jellies, the DN200 can handle a wide range of products, thanks to its capability to thermoform different kinds of cups and trays.

Flexible Material Compatibility

Whether it's PS, PET or multilayer materials, our machine can accommodate various packaging materials to meet your specific requirements.

Ultra-Compact Design

With its small footprint, the DN200 saves valuable floor space while maximizing productivity.

Productivity Boost

Experience enhanced productivity with fast format and product switches, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.


Our equipment complies with food industry standards. It is an extremely clean machine throughout its production stages (thermoforming, dosing, sealing and cutting)

The ARCIL DN200 unit is prepared for CIP (Clean-In-Place), while the dosing area is protected against foreign contaminants

Thermoforming materials are subject to rigorous cleaning and sterilization processes that allow us to ensure high health standards for each product

CIP Compatibility: Prepared for Clean-In-Place (CIP) operations, our machine guarantees a sanitized production environment, safeguarding product integrity.

Built to last, the DN200 combines robust technologies and materials, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements and a prolonged lifespan.


Machine Dimensions: 2927.5 mm x 928.5 mm x 1950 mm

Pitch: 128 mm

Throughput (cycles/min): Up to 15

Cup and tray thermoforming capabilities

Experience the synergy of versatility, productivity, and reliability with the ARCIL DN200 Thermoforming Machine. Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about our machine’s wide range of capabilities and functionality.