Our AR700 cup thermoforming machine is known for its user friendliness, great reliability, clear design and layout. Our gentle multi-layers well-known filling capability is ideal for premium dairy products with high accuracy. Its high adaptability to changing market needs and easy operation and maintenance are ideal for high speed production lines.

Our equipment is designed to make all operations at ground level. FFS packages are shipped in plastic reels and thermoformed in your plant. Cups are filled and sealed in ultra-clean conditions at a speed up to 57,600 cups per hour. Our machine can handle various materials (PS, PET, PLA, PP, multilayer) and deliver wide range of conical, straight and open mold cups with or without label.

This servo-controlled machine is designed with presses and mechanics above the plastic web. The ARCIL AR700 reputation has been built on its mastery of materials at every stage of the process, and featuring the renowned "Helicopter" labeling module, offering speeds up to 57,600 cups per hour.


Equipped with high-accuracy dosing, extended label capabilities, wide material handling, and augmented ergonomics with easy access.

The machine allows customizable speed up to 33 cycles per minute, with a production speed of up to 57,600 cups per hour. It accommodates a diverse range of cup sizes, from Petit-Suisse to large cups, capable of handling single cups or pre-cut multipacks while rigorously controlling all parameters, from heating to cutting.


Offering up to 3 different fillers for multi-layer products or creative filling, suitable for most homogeneous and pumpable products with fruit pieces. 

Synerlink ensures a global commitment to the hygiene, integrity, and accuracy of filled products, with the filler device positioned outside the filling area for convenient maintenance and accessibility. Synerlink also has a dosing test unit for optimizing customers' products and speeding up commissioning.

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The machine offers cup thermoforming with or without a label, handling straight or complex cup shapes, along with in-mold labeling with a Helicopter device for enhanced accessibility and decor management. 

It handles high conicity label shapes with different materials, ensuring continuous production during reel changeover and splicing, with fast reel changeover and label splicing (machine stoppage less than 4 minutes).


AR700 is adaptable from 6 to 9 heating steps for material flexibility, processing different virgin or recycled plastics PET, PLA, PS, PP, EVOH, and offering a diverse range of lid and decor solutions in paper and plastics. Experience our patented Snapcut optimization process for cutting and pre-cutting of various material.


ARCIL thermoforming machines are designed to conduct operations at chest height (110 cm/43.3 inches), providing high visibility on stations and tooling, with high accessibility for inspections, maintenance, and cleaning operations. It offers customizable HMI visualization for optimized production reporting.

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