HEMA SENSI - Dairy Filling Machine

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The HEMA SENSI series of fillers is dedicated to the sensitive dairy market and benefits from many years of experience, especially in filling milk and liquid dairy products for the largest international groups.

Whatever the sensitivity of these dairy products, we are very attentive to food safety.

Whether fresh, pasteurized or with an extended shelf life (ESL), our range of filling and capping machines has been designed to meet your specific needs for your bottles or jars.



The Filling method is carefully chosen to match the intrinsic characteristics of your dairy product: its type (e.g. liquid, thick, with or without particulates), what needs to be protected (flavour, vitamins, colour, etc.), its shelf-life (short or long), its sensitivity to external elements (temperature, oxygen). It is a complex equation between relative acidity (pH), the presence of nutrients, presence of O2, sugar content, preserving agents, artificial colourings, stabilisers, which all have an impact on the conservation and bacteriological quality of your dairy product.

Our deep understanding of our customers’ dairy product specifications relating to filling has led us to put in place 4 environmental filling families. They mainly depend on the dairy product (weak or high level of acidity), the distribution circuit (cold chain or room temperature) and the expected shelf life of the product.

We define them as follows: Classic, Select, ESL 1 or ESL2. They are categorised by the combination used within the following two criteria:

  • internal levels of cleaning and sanitation of your product circuits;
  • external levels of aeraulic protection for the filling and capping group, to guarantee the production conditions that meet your products’ specifications

For example, fresh milk distributed through the cold chain can be filled by the Classic or Select process and does not require container treatment. Whereas ESL dairy products require clean or ultra-clean treatment, including decontamination of the bottle and cap. Air-filtering through a Hepa filter is provided, thanks to an air overpressure system including adjustable hygrometry and temperature control.

Our fillers meet the highest hygiene standards. They are 3A certified and we are a member of EHEDG.

HEMA SENSI filler is available in Monobloc configuration with capper or thermosealer. Our filler can also be synchronised to a neck trimmer or a rinser. Combi configuration associates blowing, filling and capping for PET bottles



Unique advantages:

  • Hema Electronic filling technology providing unmatched filling accuracy for your dairy product
  • The hygienic way in which dairy products are introduced means a clean machine and reduces the possibility of product contamination. Each filler head has its own feeder pipe connected to 3A standard sanitary fittings, allowing each filling valve to act independently.
  • A common frame designed for optimal hygiene
  • Technical design providing adaptability between weight filling and mass flow filling.
  • Optimal filling capacity for the 2 technologies in terms of production speed, efficiency and optimisation of the surface utilised.
  • A common frame with several possible structures, allowing for the inclusion of numerous environmental options.