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Hema designs and manufactures state-of-the-art filling and packaging machines for the global food and beverage markets. Hema provides proven and reputable expertise with its line of filling, capping, and seaming products. Hema's solutions are adapted to our customer's specific products and requirements.

Hema is rooted in a deep understanding of the sector, including raw materials, packaging, and the latest market trends to ensure that you get the most from your filling lines.


Why Hema Packaging? 

Founded in 1936 by Henri Marchadour, Hema began as a company selling rotary fillers for sauce and jam. In 2015, Hema joined the Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems as a part of the Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) division. In 2022, Hema left PSA to join the Synerlink division, aligning to bring complementary rigid packaging solutions to the global food and beverage markets. 

Today, Hema is a Barry-Wehmiller Company that designs, manufactures, and sells filler, capper, sealer, seamer equipment as well as complete lines. We adapt to your specific products and requirements. Hema has installed more than 3,500 machines that fill bottles, jars, and cans across 100 countries.


Packaging Solutions for a Wide Range of Products

 Hema provides proven solutions to customers who manufacture a variety of products, including:  

  • Edible Oils
  • Liquid Dairy Products
  • Sauces & Dressings
  • Sweetened Products
  • Meat & Fish based products
  • Home Care products
  • Personal Care products 

Our equipment can handle various formats (bottles, jars, cans) and materials (Glass, HDPE, PET, metal, etc.).

Our range of Hema electronic fillers is designed to meet the demands of specific markets. Utilize Hema Packaging for edible oil production including olive oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, or groundnut oil. With Hema Packaging, you can package condiments, drinkable yogurt, lunch meat, skincare products, and much more.


About Hema Products

Hema is your partner for product filling, canning, capping, sealing, and seaming.


Rotary Fillers

Our Hema rotary fillers are designed with a common frame for optimal hygiene. With our equipment, the entire filling process can be controlled at ground level.

With these Hema products, you can adapt to different electronic filling technologies like weight, volumetric electronic, or mass flow.

Explore our Rotary Filling Solutions


Can Fillers

Our linear volumetric can fillers are flexible, precise, and perfectly adapted to filling complex products with a wide variety of textures. The mechanical design of our Hema linear volumetric can fillers guarantees an output level of around 98%.

Explore our Can Filling & Seaming Machines


Hema Cappers can deal with different types and formats of caps including screw-on, snap-on, pump, trigger, and more.  Our cappers are equipped with three to 22 heads for a speed of up to 40,000 caps per hour (depending on the type of cap and bottle used).



Our seamers combine quality, performance, and hygiene, meeting food hygiene standards. Our versatile seamers are perfect for shaped or round tins and can perform at high speeds and provide a rapid tool changeover in less than 45 minutes.

Explore our Seaming Solutions


Complete Lines

Hema is your best partner of choice to design and build your complete or partial filling and packaging lines. Based on our expertise, we can offer you the equipment that meets your specific requirements, with up to 24,000 containers per hour.


Why Invest in Synerlink Hema Packaging Machines? 

For the past 80 years, Hema Packaging has shared its vast experience with its customers, putting innovation at the heart of its business. The reliability of our equipment brings you lasting solutions for your filling and packaging needs.

Filling expertise is shared by all our teams. We validate our technology in accordance with the specific requirements of your products.

From taking the order, through to delivery, the quality of our equipment is our priority. Our team of qualified technicians will be by your side for the start of production, and we provide technical support and recondition for your future needs.


Learn More About Synerlink and Hema Filling Machines

Contact a Synerlink representative to learn more about Hema Packaging's capabilities and functionality. 


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