HEMA QCARE - HPC Filling Machine



Hema QCARE is dedicated to the particulated and non-particulated Home and Personal Care market. It benefits from Hema’s proven expertise built up over several years, in the area of filling complex products for large international groups.

Hema QCARE is available in Monobloc configuration with capper or Combi associating blowing, filling and capping for PET bottles.

Hema QCARE fills:

  • Shower gels
  • Shampoo
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Laundry and floor detergent
  • Fabric Softener




Home care and personal care producers usually handle various products as well as various packaging formats to fulfil their production and portfolio requirements. Obliging them to seek solutions that can respond to these needs while reaching all other production goals.

Hema integrated filling lines are conceived to help you reach your performance goals and are customized to your specific range of products. Our packaging equipment can handle several products on the same line with fast format

changeover to respect your production needs in terms of quantity and in terms of product range.

We offer 2 filling technologies : Weight  –  Mass Flow 



Unique advantages:

  • Hema Electronic filling technology reaching unequalled levels of filling accuracy
  • Common frame for optimal hygiene
  • Technical design which adapts to different electronic filling technologies: weight or mass flow
  • Optimal filling capacity for all 2 technologies, in terms of production speed efficiency and optimal use of space.
  • Common chassis design with a number of possible structures, allowing for the inclusion of numerous environmental options
  • Wide doors, allowing easy access to the filling and capping zone for easy maintenance or tool changeover
  • Hema packaging machines are equipped with a reduced-sized hopper and off-centered nozzles, ensuring minimal product loss between recipe changes.