The COMBI adds value to any complete PET packaging line by combining blow molding, filling and capping into an integrated system.

By eliminating conveying, empty bottle handling, accumulation and storage, the COMBI optimizes line layout with a linear compact footprint, improving production hygiene and efficiency while lowering operating costs.

Our brand of filling equipment with blowing unit can be used for dairy products, as well as fruit juices, smoothies, nutritional drinks, coffees and teas, presented in PET.

Express your creativity! Nearly anything is possible, from one-of-a-kind bottle shapes and decorations to unique over caps above screw caps, thanks to our various options:

  • Output up to 8,000 bottles per hour, with body diameter up to 98mm
  • Multi-flavors filling
  • Wide range of decontamination levels according to shelf-life need and storage conditions
  • Up to two different neck diameters on the same line

The COMBI is optimal for industries where flexibility and line efficiency are critical.