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Cutting Tool Technologies

Custom-made Cutting Solutions

Our cutting solutions are suitable for FS or FFS machines, designed to fit your needs and adapted to your specifications. We can work with different configurations, such as:

  • Cutting tools installation on FFS machines with a large range of cup shapes and materials.
  • In-line lid-cutting solution integration on any cup-filling machine.
  • In-line label cutting for conical or straight labels at very high speeds (up to 80,000 units per hour).

Snapcut Patented Technology – Your partner for the material transition

Our patented Snapcut technology enables dairy processors to cut and pre-cut PET, PP, and all other recyclable and recycled plastics (PLA, rPET). Snapcut can cut and pre-cut 0.6 mm plastic, allowing yogurt processors to reduce plastic thickness. It is the result of 40+ years of cutting tool expertise and know-how and 25+ years of experience with PET.

Mastering PET and PP cup cutting and pre-cutting on our form-fill-seal machines, as we did with PS plastic, is one of our greatest achievements in 2020. Our technology keeps progressing everyday as our machines can thermoform, cut and pre-cut increasingly thin plastics without sacrificing the production rate or brand image.

Our team of experts works every day in our dedicated facility to support our customers in their material transition.

logo SNAPCUT SNAPCUT : Cutting Tool for PET cups and multi packs
PET Cups Cutting Expertise PET Cups Cutting Expertise

Dedicated cutting-tool experts

We have produced over 1,000 cutting tools that are used in factories worldwide, which are recognized for their precision, long-lasting quality and easy maintenance. Cutting parts can achieve between 10 and 20 million strokes, or 5,000 to 10,000 production hours in standard applications before they need to be re-sharpened. They can be easily changed by customers themselves, which reduces the overall maintenance process.

Within our 4,500 m2 premises, we provide full service to our customers — everything from design to assembly — using state-of-the-art, CNC-controlled machinery to mill, turn, grind and wire EDM.