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Cheese Market News Highlights Versatech at Pack Expo International

Mar 02, 2023

Fabien Jégo is the Design and Product Marketing Leader for Synerlink. The following content contains excerpts from his interview with Cheese Market News for a Packaging Progress profile, which was originally published on October 21, 2022.

Synerlink, a BW Packaging division, also showcased an immersive 3D view of Versatech, the company’s latest filling solution for the food and dairy industry, at Pack Expo. Versatech’s modular design enables customers to continually realign this machine with their evolving business strategy, solving the market need for a filling solution that can outlast the standard 20- to 30-year life cycle.


Fabien Jégo, design and product marketing leader at Synerlink S.A., says keeping up with the latest innovations in product packaging can be difficult without the right packaging machinery.


“Our innovative Versatech machine is designed to adapt to the market and keep an eye on the future without hindering the efficiency or scalability of production — all at the same time,” he says.


The concept was built with flexibility in mind, he adds.


“Synerlink’s long experience in the industry and continuous engineering studies allow us to build a machine that responds to all your needs. Synerlink’s Versatech cup-filling machine is engineered to fill a wide variety of processing cups while minimizing changeover time and maximizing your production efficiency. Thanks to the automatic loading and unloading of slats, the change in production is efficient and optimized,” Jégo says.


The Versatech cup-filling machine allows companies to adapt to customers’ needs and diversify offerings by accepting and processing cups of different shapes, materials, diameters and heights with a format changeover in less than 20 minutes.


The machine is designed for fast and easy cleaning with removable slats. No tools are required, while the fast-return system reduces the number of slats required. Jégo notes it works well with cream cheese, spreadable cheese, cottage cheese and all kinds of dairy products.


“The Versatech cup-filling machine abides by all safety regulations, and its ergonomic design improves the day-to-day operation in your plant. With a chest-high loading station and dedicated tables for containers or boxes, the operator’s movements are optimized,” he says. “The high visibility throughout the whole production process assures the correct functioning of the machine.”


Additional advantages include minimizing the time spent on maintenance, achieving high production speeds and expanded product offerings.


“The Versatech cup-filling machine is built to grow with your production business. Our editable hardware allows for future evolutions in your product packaging,” Jégo says. “As your business evolves, the Versatech cup-filling machine can adapt with you.”


The booth theme at Pack Expo, “Conversations to Innovations,” highlights the shared progress BW Packaging Systems and its customers have made solving prominent industry challenges through ongoing dialogue about labor shortages, sustainability commitments, food safety standards and more.


“We understand there is a tremendous amount of value that can be created by listening to customers and embracing their challenges as our own,” says Carol O’Neill, Barry-Wehmiller Group president, packaging. “It’s through these conversations that we’re able to understand our customers’ needs and develop purposeful solutions to optimize their packaging processes.


To learn about other cheese packaging innovations that were featured in the Cheese Market News Packaging Progress profile, visit the BW Packaging blog.