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Sustainable Packaging Trends 2021 | Synerlink

Sep 16, 2021

3 Takeaways from Synerlink’s interview with Sustainable Packaging News

As consumers become more cognizant of how non-recyclable materials are impacting the planet, it has become increasingly important for food processors to understand their paths to embracing sustainable packaging solutions for their products. On this topic, Synerlink shared its insights with Sustainable Packaging News earlier this year. Below are just three of the many sustainable packaging trends Synerlink has seen in 2021:

  1. Change is Happening at Every Step of the Packaging Process

    Sustainability requirements continue to increase at every step of the value chain. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of packaging and across the world there are regulatory pressures that cascade down to the FMCG companies and packaging suppliers. The constant evolution of materials (PET, PP, etc.) and cup components (labels, lids, sleeving) is a perpetual challenge. Our R&D investment programs allow us to stay on course.

  2. Recycling Streams Continue to Develop

    The increase of recycling streams for water and soda in PET bottles is one of the most significant developments in terms of recycling. In Germany 97% of PET bottles are recycled, in France 65%. We are convinced this trend will continue with accelerating speed. The development of yogurt cups in rPET is also a big step in terms of recyclability. We have also seen new recycling streams for PS yogurt cups, which is interesting given that most thermoformed cups are made from this material.

  3. COVID-19 is Redefining “Sustainability”

COVID-19 has certainly increased awareness of food safety, health, and hygiene. Sustainability has been redefined and combined with hygiene in this new landscape.  As mentioned earlier, we believe the increase of recycling streams for PET bottles has been significant, as recycled PET has been FDA approved for food contact. And with more demand for yogurt cups in PET, we expect this to have a similar positive effect on the circular economy.

With 40+ years of experience providing sustainable packaging solutions to food processors, Synerlink has become a trusted advisor in this space. In addition to the Sustainable Packaging News interview, Synerlink regularly supports food processors with educational resources on sustainable packaging trends. For concrete ways you can advance your own sustainability journey with Synerlink, read our post on 3 Ways Synerlink Supports Your Sustainable Packaging Initiatives.