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Packaging Sustainability

3 Ways Synerlink Supports Your Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

Sep 06, 2022

Synerlink has been a leading supplier of dairy packaging solutions for 40+ years. As a trusted advisor in this space, one of our goals is to help dairy processors make sustainable, responsible choices for their dairy packaging solutions. While our commitment to sustainability is always expanding, today Synerlink offers three primary tactics for helping our customers meet their ambitious sustainability goals.

Choose Your Own Packaging Material

Today’s dairy processors have several materials to choose from. However, one of the greatest challenges in embracing new materials is identifying equipment that can support it. Synerlink’s packaging machinery allows dairy manufacturers to package their products with the materials that best suit their environmental strategy including:

  • - PET: 100% recyclable and recycled in a circular economy approach
  • - PP: 100% recyclable for special applications like hot filling or microwavable products
  • - Bio-sourced materials (such as PLA): for packaging produced from renewable raw materials
  • - Cardboard and glass: to reduce the quantity of plastic packaging

To increase degrees of freedom, Synerlink relies on both the versatility of its Form-Fill-Seal machines (FFS), which can process equally PLA, PET, PP or PS, and its Fill-Seal machines (FS), which are compatible with most sustainable materials. We also offer technical support for material research to ensure feasibility before customers invest in a particular material for their product.

Design a Sustainable Product Package

While Synerlink’s industrial packaging design team is widely known for designing containers with great shelf appeal, this service also has inherent and powerful sustainability benefits.

When Synerlink designs a package, we partner with the customer to optimize the container, carton, overwrap and pallet patterns to use the least amount of space and material possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the pack. For example, we have tested and validated the integrity of thermoformed PET cups that are 0.7mm thick.

Whether your material of choice is PET, PP or another material, our designers can take your preference into consideration and create a package that is sustainable, reliable and highly appealing to your customers.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Synerlink helps factories reduce their carbon footprint by offering continuous improvement at every stage of the packaging process including:

  • - Manufacturing the package: with the CombiBlow integrated solution for PET bottle blowing, filling and capping. On-site blowing reduces CO2 emissions coming from the transport of empty, already-blown bottles. Additionally, storing preformed bottles occupy significantly less warehouse and inventory space than empty bottles that are already blown to shape. The same is true with the FFS technology, which reduces material transport by more than 10x when compared to preformed cups.
  • - Decontamination: for bottles and cups with decontamination technologies such as UV and pulsed light, which require neither water nor chemicals. This reduces effluents and conserves your resources.
  • - Filling: for bottles and cups with cutting-edge dosing solutions. We rely on state-of-the-art dosing technology to minimize product waste, while offering you maximum freedom in terms of design and quality. For example, we use just-in-time blending to protect fragile ingredients and optimize fruit piece distribution.

Do you need support with sustainable dairy packaging solutions? Contact us today.