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Butter Packaging Machines

Synerlink offers manufacturers of butter, margarine, or edible fats equipment for product filling.

Our industry-leading automatic and semi-automatic butter packaging machines provide maximum versatility to meet a variety of manufacturer needs. We can pack butters in any size or shaped container and weight.

Synerlink offers a complete line of Form Fill Seal machines and Cup Filling Machines with the features your business’ production line needs.

As a brand, Synerlink boasts over 60 years of experience in packaging equipment design and manufacturing. Synerlink can help you develop a fully integrated packaging line from start to finish. Work with Synerlink for your butter packing machine equipment needs.

Cup Form Fill Seal Machines

Cup form-fill-seal (FFS) machines use heat and air pressure to convert plastic film into custom form cups. Synerlink offers FFS equipment capable of filling cups at speeds of up to 61,400 cups per-hour.  

Our equipment is cable of handling different cup shapes on the same line. Synerlink offers more project flexibility than any other competitor in the FFS market.

Cup Filling Machines

Synerlink offers solutions to fill butter containers at speeds up to 6,300 cups per-hour. We offer hygienic solutions to support long shelf life, and up to 3 different cup shapes can be supported on the same line.

Synerlink machines operate in an optimized footprint and have quick changeover technology to help you fill more products faster.

Innovative Packaging Designs

Being able to differentiate your butter product from the competition on the shelf makes all the difference.

Synerlink is an expert in innovative packaging design. We help manufacturers align marketing wishes with industrial restraints. This expertise helps add value and recognition to your product, making the need for a high-speed machine even more important.

Fully Integrated Solutions for Butter Manufacturers

For filling, sealing and end-of-line solutions, Synerlink can offer a complete solution for butter manufacturers. We can help you finalize your primary and secondary packaging lines with the best equipment for your product needs.

After installation, Synerlink will continue to work with you to ensure optimal performance and keep your business moving forward.

Butter Packaging Styles