Hema rotary fillers are packaging machines based on the concept of modular systems. Our range of fillers are designed to meet the demands of specific markets including edible oils, sauces, dressings, milk and dairy liquids, meat and prepared food, sweetened products, household and personal care products. 

Our Hema packaging equipment range can offer you the ideal filling solution to suit your needs concerning the safety of your production. We offer a wide range of filling machines for plastic, glass or metal packaging with speeds up to 72,000 containers per hour including filler, capper, thermosealer, rinser and other equipment.



Weight, volumetric or mass flow technology. Flexible and modular designs.

Innovative range of fillers for specific markets: edible oils, dairy products, sauces and juices, sweetened products, home and personal care products.

Synerlink Electronic Rotary Fillers unique features:

  • Electronic filling technology reaching unequalled levels of filling accuracy
  • Common frame for optimal hygiene
  • Technical design which adapts to different electronic filling technologies: weight, volumetric electronic or mass flow
  • Optimal electronic filling capacity for all 3 technologies, in terms of production speed efficiency and optimal use of space.
  • Common chassis design with several possible structures, allowing the inclusion of many environmental options
  • Wide doors, allowing easy access to the filling and capping zone for easy maintenance or tool changeover
  • HEMA range of electronic fillers are equipped with a reduced-sized hopper and off-centered nozzles, ensuring minimal product loss between recipe changes.


Volumetric technology. Proven design for liquid and viscous products and products with high density of pieces. This range of solution is ideal for  sauces, dressings, dairy products, jams, baby food, pre-prepared meals.

Synerlink Mechanical Rotary Fillers unique features:

  • Filling flexibility: VOLUF technology is perfectly adapted to viscous, homogenous, or products with pieces up to 20 x 20 x 20 mm (or even larger, depending on the texture)
  • Respect of the product thanks to specifically-designed valves and nozzles
  • Reliability of production thanks to kinematic mechanics
  • Machine output levels of over 98%

 ContainersMaterialsFilling TechnologyFilling HeadsFilling VolumesContainer Size


Bottles and JarsPET, HDPE, GlassWeight, Mass Flow, Volumetric15 to 8880-5,000 mlø 210 mm max body


Bottles and JarsPET, HDPE, GlassWeight, Mass Flow, Volumetric6 to 27250-5,000 mlø 210 mm max body


Bottles and JarsPET, HDPE, GlassWeight, Mass Flow, Volumetric15 to 66250-5,000 mlø 210 mm max body


Bottles and JarsPET, HDPE, Glass

Weight, Mass Flow, Volumetric

15 to 7280-5,000 mlø 210 mm max body


Cups, Jars, Bottles, Cans

PET, HDPE, Glass, Metal cans

Volumetric6 to 4825 - 1,825 mlø 170 mm max body
SENSI - Dairy Rotary Filler SENSI-Filling-Turret

HEMA SENSI - Dairy Filling Machine

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HEMA NUTRI Ketchup Filler

HEMA NUTRI - Sauces Filling Machine

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HEMA-ACCES Edible Oil filling turret Olive-oil-bottles

HEMA ACCES - Oil Filling Machine

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HEMA QCARE Hema QCARE Soap Filling QCARE Filling Turret

HEMA QCARE - HPC Filling Machine

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VOLUF - Presentation VOLUF Monobloc VOLUF Filling Viscous Products

HEMA VOLUF - Mechanical filling machine

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