Our Cup Filling Range of Solutions

Our Dairy Pack brand of preformed cup filling machines is ideal for premium, unitary primary packaging, whether they’re to be sold individually or grouped into different SKUs at end-of-line. These fillers can also be used to fill buckets for family portions and catering markets.

These cup fillers provide solutions for everything from basic to sophisticated recipes, as well as for all types of runs, whether small production or large volume.

Dairy Pack Cup Fillers

Dairy Pack FS cup filling machine allows your product to stand out in the shelves by accepting any shape (round, oval, square, conical, reverse conical) or material (plastic, aluminum, glass, terra cotta) for your cups, whether they’re stackable or not.

  • With ranges from 4,800 to 60,000 containers per hour
  • Three levels of hygiene for standard, extended and long shelf-life items
  • Up to three different cup shapes and/or diameters on the same line
  • Ground level operations and easy access to all areas
  • Optimized footprint
  • Quick change-over
  • High cost efficiency throughout the exploitation cycle

Flexibility and scalability are top of mind from the very beginning of each project to offer manufacturers the possibility ability to adapt their production tool to meet market evolution and demand and new product developments.

For All Kinds of Yogurt, Desserts, Baby Food and Plant-Based Recipes

With the levels of decontamination our machines provide, our inline cup fillers are able to safely pack all kinds of products made from milk, eggs, fruits or vegetables; stored in chilled or ambient areas.

Browse Our Cup Filling Machine Options

Browse our inline cup filling machines or speak with our filling specialists to see which option is the best solution for your unique packaging needs.

  Hygiene Containers Materials Sizes Options Filling Volumes Units/stroke Units/Hour
DAIRY PACK DP40CUltra-clean
Cups Paper, Plastic, Alum 55 - 95 mm cup ø 1 cup ø 90-500 ml 1x2 to 2x6 5,000 to 18,000
Ultra-cleanBucketsPS, PP, PET150 - 270 mm bucket ø1 bucket ø1,000-2,500 ml1x1 to 1x31,500 to 4,100
DAIRY PACK RM90CUltra-cleanCups Paper, Plastic, Alum, Glass 60 - 160 mm cup ø Up to 3 cups ø 80-1,500 ml 1x2 to 2x12 12,000 to 30,000
DAIRY PACK RM12CUltra-cleanCups Paper, Plastic, Alum, Glass 60 - 160 mm cup ø Up to 3 cups ø 80-1,500 ml 1x2 to 2x16 24,000 to 60,000


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