The canning of meat-based products remains one of Hema’s cornerstones today.

Well-proven filling technologies are applied to all products: corned beef, luncheon meat, goulash, raw meat, meat in sauce, prepared food, pâtés, foie gras, pet food, tushunka, fish paste, fish filets in sauce fish eggs, caviar, fish flakes, cod liver, etc.

The many applications managed by Hema in this area have led to a degree of expertise, guaranteeing the integrity of your product, high speeds and very high levels of accuracy for different type of packaging: cans, jars or aluminum trays.

Respected by all players in the canning field, the CANFL filler, which is often synchronised with the CANSM seamer, brings you the most reliable solution for your filling and packaging lines. 

Mechanically designed, the VOLUF filler is a reliable machine that has proved itself over many years. It is flexible and guarantees easy maintenance and respect of the products to be filled. The VOLUF technology is perfectly adapted to viscous, homogenous, or products with pieces up to 20 x 20 x 20 mm (or even larger, depending on the texture).



Synerlink is the partner of choice to design and build your complete filling and packaging lines.

Based on our expertise, we can offer you the equipment that meets your specific requirements, with up to 72,000 containers per hour.

For your meat filling line we can supply you various equipment:

  • Empty cans depalletizer
  • Magnetic lowerator
  • Filling machine Hema (CANFL or VOLUF)
  • Conveyors
  • Seamer Hema CANSM or Angelus according to can shape
  • Check weigher
  • Full cans washer
  • Basket loader
  • Basket unloader
  • Labeler
  • Other equipment upon request


 ContainersMaterialsProductsContainer SizeFilling VolumesSpeed
CANFLCansMetal, Glass and Plastic Cans
Corned Beef, Pâtés, Foie Gras, Luncheon Meat, Pet food, Goulash, Tushunka, Fish Eggs, Caviar, Fish flakes, Cod liver
ø 103 mm max body
203 mm max height
100 - 5,000 ml1,800 to 24,000 units/hour
CANSMCansMetal Cans

Seaming of round and shaped cans

ø 45 to 155 mm
Diag 45 to 170 mm
H 20 to 250 mm
100 - 5,000 ml4,800 to 9,000 units/hour
VOLUFCups, Jars, Bottles, CansPET, HDPE, Glass, Metal cansSauces, dressings, jam, honey, soups, baby food, condensed or evaporated milkø 170 mm max body25 - 1,825 ml3,600 to 72,000 units/hour