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Meat Filling Machines

Improve your meat packaging operation with a meat filling machine from Synerlink. Our machines are suitable for filling your meat, fish, and pet food containers at high speeds. Each machine is versatile and can handle a wide range of product textures. These machines are engineered to retain the product’s texture during the filling process, allowing your consumers to experience the meat product as intended.

Synerlink has over 80 years of experience in engineering solutions for food products, giving us the expertise to create a solution that’s customized to your needs. In addition to high-speed performance and flexibility, all Synerlink filling systems come with lifetime service/support. 

Solutions Suitable for a Wide Variety of Meat Products

Synerlink’s filling machines are built for versatility, allowing you to get the most out of your machinery and expand your product lines.  

We design filling machines suitable for the following meat and fish products: 

  • Corned beef 
  • Poultry 
  • Luncheon meat 
  • Pates 
  • Goulash 
  • Tushonka 
  • Raw meat 
  • Meat in sauce 
  • Fish eggs, Caviar 
  • Fish flakes 
  • Cod liver 
  • Pet food 

Benefits of Synerlink Meat Filling Equipment

Increase your meat production efficiency with a meat filling machines by Synerlink. These machines accurately fill your containers with product. Synerlink machines are great for recipes containing larger pieces of meat, as they can assist with product cutting during the filling process.  

Synerlink’s Meat Filling Systems 


Fill between 1,800 to 24,000 containers per hour (cph) with the Hema CANFL from Synerlink. This high-speed meat filling machine is equipped with no-can-no-fill technology that assists with maintaining machine cleanliness. This function also helps to reduce product loss. 

The Hema CANFL has a long-life guarantee, meaning it’s a valuable addition to your production line for many years to come. It’s easy to maintain thanks to its easy-to-access product feed hopper.  

Learn more about the Hema CANFL 


The Hema VOLUF filling machine can fill between 3,600 to 72,000 cph. It can accurately fill a wide range of meat product containers, including cans, glass jars and plastic jars. 

Like the Hema CANFL system, the Hema VOLUF system is equipped with no-can-no-fill technology to minimize product loss and improve machine cleanliness. This machine is available in two configurations: Stand Alone or Monobloc. 

Learn more about the Hema VOLUF 



Looking for a reliable meat filling and seaming machine? Discover Synerlink’s Hema CANSM machines, engineered for seaming your meat product’s container.  

This machine is engineered to seam shaped and round metal cans. It’s capable of producing up to 9,000 CPH.  

It’s advanced vacuum and atmospheric seaming technology maintains product quality. Like Synerlink’s machines, the Hema CANSM ensure your product integrity. 

Learn more about the Hema CANSM 

Find the Right Machine for Your Production Needs 

Get in touch with Synerlink’s expert team for a comprehensive review of your production’s unique requirements. Our engineers will work with you to determine which machine works best for your meat packagingapplication. Contact us today to learn more.