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Edible Oil Filling Machines

Edible Oil Filling Machines & Equipment

Empower your edible oil production line with an edible oil filling machine from Synerlink. Each of our machines is equipped with high-speed technology and provides accurate product filling. These machines are flexible and can fill volumes ranging from 80 ml to 5 liters.

Synerlink has over 80 years of experience in engineering filling solutions fit for a wide range of product markets. Our solutions can be custom-made to fit your production requirements and come standard with quick tool changeovers. 

Synerlink’s Innovative Solutions for the Edible Oil Market 

Electronic Rotary Fillers

Synerlink’s ACCES Fillers are engineered with a modular design and can meet the demands of the edible oil market.  

The Hema ACCES is our solution for the edible oil market and is available in two configurations: Monobloc and Combi. The Monobloc configuration also applies caps to your edible oil products. The Combi configuration is an all-in-one solution that blows, fills, and caps your PET bottles.  

The ACCES filler system is equipped with smart cap dispensers and feeding systems. It also provides control-ejection and cleaning in place for improved performance.

Learn more about the ACCES  

Form-Fill-Seal Machines for Miniportions 

Produce between 14,400 to 80,000 miniportions per hour with Synerlink’s solutions for miniportions. Each filling system is made custom to your oil packaging styles and production requirements. 

The Arcil DP300 cup thermoforming machine works by using heat to form the product’s container from a plastic sheet. Once the container is formed, it’s then transported to the filling station. It then gets filled with the specified amount of oil and then sealed shut.  

Learn more about the Arcil DP300

Concept Combi Complete Line 

Create a complete line suitable for edible oil packaging with Synerlink’s Combi packaging systems. These machines perform container blowing, filling, and capping in a common frame. This allows you to improve your production efficiency and provides you with a complete packaging solution for your edible oil products.  

End of Line Equipment

Synerlink also designs end of line solutions suitable for edible oil manufacturers. These solutions can be added to your new or existing production line, making it easy to extend your production capabilities. 

Synerlink offers automated solutions for these end of line processes: 

• Sleeving 

• Product transfers 

• Overwrapping 

• Case/tray forming 

• Palletizing 

• Case packing 

• Merging 

Each of our robotic end of line solutions can be customized to meet your production’s unique requirements. 

Which Edible Oil Products are Synerlink’s Machines Designed for?

Synerlink machinery is engineered to handle a variety of edible oils, including: 
  • • Grape seed oil 
  • • Olive oil 
  • • Vegetable oil 
  • • Canola oil 
  • • Sunflower oil 
  • • Peanut oil 
  • • Sesame oil 
  • • Palm oil 

Choose Synerlink for Industry-Leading Filling Machinery

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