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Industrial Packaging Design

We provide services from product design to packaging line installation. The Synerlink global approach for complete packaging lines guarantees that all design and performance choices meet for both food and non-food packaging product needs.

We will first determine the best design option for your rigid package shape. From there, we’ll propose options for single-SKU facing items and for multipack designs produced in your complete line.


In a crowded marketplace,  it all comes down to product differentiation on the shelf. But we also know that not all drawings born in the mind of a designer can become reality. Taking the wrong path at the early stages of a project can lead to long delays in getting your product to market.

This is why our global approach also includes industrial packaging design. Working with our innovation-design department in a pre-study will allow you to align marketing wishes with industrial constraints.

Industrial Packaging Design


Synerlink food packaging solutions include numerous filling solutions with partial or complete packaging material transparency to add value to your product.

Our filling machines allow for product enhancement whether you require fruit-on-the-bottom pre-filling, vertical or horizontal multilayer product, swirling with or without fruit pieces, multiple flavor blends on request within the same SKU or topping with sauce or sculpted whipped cream. Other options are available, as well.

Product Design


Synerlink offers 3D drawings, packaging mock-ups, and prototypes for your packaging container. Because shelf-visibility is crucial, Synerlink helps you determine the best design option.

By taking part in the pre-study with our engineers, our innovation-design department can propose various 3D drawings and packaging mock-ups for your rigid container. Our engineers can then deliver a highly efficient, full-production packaging line, which allows you to better target your customers.


Twin-cup - Double Sealing System

Twin-cup - Filling Experience

Twin-cup - Ease-of-use

Dual Filling - Creative Design

Dual Filling - Filling Experience

Dual Filling - Ease-of-use

Packaging Design - Product Testing

Packaging Design - Engraving

Packaging Design - Stand out from the competition