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Postres Romar

Postres Romar Strengthens its Productivity with Synerlink Form-Fill-Seal Machines

Jan 09, 2024

Postres Romar is a co-packing company located in Spain, working with well-known distributors on multiple products. Synerlink has been contacted to increase their capabilities on the yogurt and dessert market.

Initiating a project with a major player in supermarket distribution demanded the identification of a supplier for an efficient machine with a favorable value proposition, leading to Synerlink. The acquisition of a jelly machine marked the beginning of a collaboration significantly influencing production capabilities.

Seamless Integration and Exemplary Start-Up

Synerlink's performance has been remarkable. Delivery timelines were respected, and the machine ramp up process exceeded expectations. It was delivered within the specified lead time, with regular visits to Synerlink's Logroño plant to follow the project's evolution and incorporate requested modifications in a transparent way.

Fast and steady lead time and ramp up


Expansion of Synerlink Machines

After this first success, the partnership was broadened, with the acquisition of a total of five machines. These machines play an important role in the distributor’s production chain, making high-performance dairy products such as panacotta and custard, as well as other products such as jellies.

5 machines to fill the supermarket shelves


Operational Excellence and User-Friendly Design

Operational experience with Synerlink machines has been excellent. The intuitive interface, easy-to-read presentation of screens, alarms, and ease of troubleshooting have all been appreciated. Maintenance feedback emphasizes the accessibility and user-friendliness of these machines, which make problem-solving much easier.

Enhanced user-friendliness


Training and Autonomy

Synerlink's training programs have played a capital role in achieving elevated operational efficiencies. The brief training period required for operators and drivers reflects the ease-of-use nature of these machines. Additionally, the technical training has empowered teams to independently address breakdowns, contributing to a high degree of self-sufficiency in overall machine maintenance.

Comprehensive training program 


Exceptional Service and Support

In the face of breakdowns, Synerlink's responsiveness has been commendable. Collaboration between teams has resulted in an excellent relationship, with Synerlink providing absolute service when needed. Continuous support, combined with effective training, has propelled teams towards achieving almost complete autonomy in machine maintenance.

Excellence of Aftermarket

The continued relationship between Postres Romar and Synerlink has been characterized by efficiency, reliability, and unwavering support. The synergy between teams has not only elevated production capabilitiesbut it also higlighted the fact that finding a partner who can support you technically, understand your needs and respond to your specific request is the key to success.