Synerlink conquering the Egyptian market


7,000,000 Synerlink cups are produced for the Egyptian market every day

SYNERLINK, supplier of integrated FS and FFS packaging solutions for food products, is present in Egypt mainly with its ARCIL Form-Fill-Seal yogurt packaging machines. Its customers are equipped primarily with decorated 24-cup lines with integrated automatic crating. Across all customers, the FFS Synerlink lines currently produce up to 7,000,000 yogurt cups/day for the Egyptian market.

Yogurt in Egypt: a rapidly growing market

The evolving eating habits observed in Egypt in recent years indicate increasing consumption of dairy products. This trend should continue with average annual growth of 7.26% through 2020. Yogurt consumption primarily involves sterilized yogurt, along with high consumption of butter, cream and cheese and a consumer desire to connect with healthy eating via dairy products.

Adapting to the specific requirements of the Egyptian market

We observe a significant increase in consumption of dairy products in Egypt during Ramadan. This is a promising time to launch a new product on the market. Despite the demands placed by their Egyptian customers, this challenge is always met by the Synerlink teams!  “We pay particular attention to project management, so our customers can launch their products on the market in time and under the best possible conditions.” says Daniel José, Synerlink Project Leader. 

Effective and empathetic teams

Synerlink deliberately recruits multicultural profiles for its teams of technicians. Cultural proximity facilitates understanding of their partners' needs, and their technical experience serves to maintain high performance standards for all projects. This creates an atmosphere of trust in the customer relationship.

In particular thanks to the quality of relations with the customer technical teams, today Synerlink is recognized as a major player in the Egyptian market for refrigerated product packaging solutions. “Supporting our customer throughout the installation process and training their operators is what is most important to us. Our technicians are happy when their customer is satisfied!” says Mourad, Area Field Service Leader, with pride.

At Synerlink, collaboration does not end when the machine is installed or the project completed. “Delivering a machine is just the start of the relationship, we continue to support our customers throughout the lifetime of the machine,” adds Mariano Lopez, Key Account Manager at Synerlink.

Egypt: a country of the future for Synerlink 

Arcil installed its first thermoforming machines and began filling yogurt cups in Egypt in the factory of its historic customer Danone 22 years ago. Today as part of the Synerlink group, which offers integrated solutions for Fill-Seal and Form-Fill-Seal packaging of food products, its machines are also used by Beyti (Pepsico-Almaraï group), a major player in cold food products, and more recently by Seclam (Mansour group), another key dairy player in Egypt. These two customers have acquired the latest generation of FFS lines including a fully integrated automated end of line by Synerlink.

According to the Egyptian customers themselves: “Egypt is a country where dairy projects are many and a country of the future for Synerlink!”