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Round cup made on ARCIL FF600

Efficient and Dependable, Synerlink's most recent form,fill and seal machine has been recently delivered to Soummam

Jan 15, 2019

Algeria’s market leader for dairy and dessert products.  Already a long-term customer, Soummam decided to once again bet on Synerlink after evaluating market offerings for a new high-speed machine (36,000 cups per hour) to package its new crème dessert: a 90-gram cup, hot-filled with delicious caramel or chocolate crème.

Synerlink’s Arcil MMO high-speed thermoforming machine forms non-demoldable cups (round or concave) and fills them with outstanding precision. The cups are produced in packs of two to allow easy guidance along the line with very high technical efficiency. At the end, thanks to the precutting systems cups will be easily separated into single cups

Due to the capabilities of the machine, Synerlink offered the customer the ability to create unique, original packaging designs to meet the customer’s marketing and productivity needs.  Mr. Kamel Tabti, head of the project at the Akbou plant, remarks, “The Synerlink team understood our wish for an attractive, original cup. They were very proactive and very professional throughout the project.”

Synerlink is proud to be a trusted partner of Soummam and wish them the best of luck with their new product!