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Three-layer gourmet dessert in 1x2 overwrap

How do we reconcile the increasing demands for recyclability with differentiation of your products?

Nov 28, 2019

Synerlink, a leader in packaging and wrapping fresh dairy products and deserts, accompanies manufacturers in this transition and has more than one solution to offer.

The latest on the shelves: packaging a three-layer gourmet dessert in a single cup thermoformed in transparent PET.

Meeting market expectations while complying with packaging recyclability and profitability constraints can be a tough challenge for marketing teams.

Synerlink has risen to that challenge at the request of a major force in the world dairy products market.

The machine offered, an Arcil Form-Fill-Seal machine equipped with three fillers, fills three flat layers of different products at a high rate (40,000 cups per hour). This includes a fruit-based layer at the bottom with large pieces visible at 360°, a middle layer of hyperproteinated yogurt with a flat surface, and a uniform topping of fruit coulis.

The PET lid is heat sealed and trimmed online and has a brilliant, uniform surface that is remarkable compared to the honeycombed or micro-perforated lids of the market’s premium preformed cups.

This machine is ultra-clean and flexible, especially thanks to the removability of two fillers allowing them to be purged or cleaned in place (CIP) in masked time without interrupting production, thus easing maintenance and product changes.

Filling precision and quality of product placement are a given, because the products are packaged in thermoformed crystal PET to show off the different product layers.

This 100% PET single plastic material looks just like glass and is fully recyclable.

Market trends require manufacturers to change certain “traditional” production practices. Synerlink helps them make this transition by responding to issues of recyclability and upgrading to premium packaging. All this while keeping production cost low.