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We help companies tap into the incredible potential of on-the-go consumption drinks

Nov 28, 2019

Dairy and juice drinks make up the fastest growing segment on the beverage market.

To tap into this important market, companies need the right products, as well as strong branding, distribution networks and cost efficiencies. Synerlink can help by providing packaging lines that are efficient, highly flexible and suited for a wide variety of beverages. These lines are ideal for filling bottles with dairy, juice and other specialty beverages.


Well-branded products in single-serve portions

Our FS (fill-seal) bottle filling lines allow for two different neck diameters and PS, PP, PET or HDPE materials. With aluminum lids and multiple cap styles like screw caps, snap-on or sport caps, they are ideal for single-serve portions of 65 ml, 200 ml or more. These portions are perfect for on-the-go consumption at festivals, sporting events, airports, railway stations and more. Additionally, bottles allow for multiple design options, which can help with marketing purposes and benefit sales.


Highly flexible lines for all recipes

A blend of both old and new, the beverage market offers an incredible number of recipes – these include drinkable yogurts, cold-filled juices, smoothies, milks, kefirs, vegetable juices, protein drinks, coffee and tea drinks, soups and more. Many new beverage options even contain fruit bits, seeds or nuts.

Therefore, it’s crucial that customers can enter different beverage submarkets easily and with minimal cost. They want to fill multiple recipes on one line, with quick and efficient changeovers.

This is why Synerlink offers highly versatile and flexible packaging lines around the globe.


Synerlink, a partner in beverage

As a beverage specialist, Synerlink partners with key regional partners, co-packers and multinational corporations around the world to develop the best solutions to meet market needs.

We focus on providing efficient, easy-to-operate, scalable packaging lines, so beverage companies can offer both the best product and best value to their customers. Synerlink can support companies who are tapping into new and innovative beverage submarkets with packaging that conveys qualities that are important to customers – natural ingredients, strong brand identity and more.

With the flexibility of our FS lines, we know we can support and partner with you as you innovate within this expanding beverage market.