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PET packs exiting Form-Fill-Seal cutting tool

SYNERLINK announces the arrival of PET multipacks

Jul 01, 2020

With its reliable PET pre-cutting solution, SYNERLINK offers an alternative to PS for all existing FFS machines as well as for future models.

SYNERLINK is already one of the few OEMs able to master PET cutting on FFS machines and offer separable multipacks of 2 units with a system where the attachement line is cut except in two points. This solution was hindering the change from PS to PET to premium segments and consumers would have to inconveniently twist the pack rather than bend it.

With its new pre-cutting tools, SYNERLINK now offers agrifood manufacturers the possibility to use PET for their mid-range products as well, without changing consumer habits. The pack bends and snaps like a PS pack should.


SNAPCUT, the tailor-made PET pre-cut solution from SYNERLINK

SYNERLINK relies on an innovative tool and an in-depth qualification process to offer ultimate quality pre-cuts on all kinds of PET (standard, multilayer, foamed, recycled).

Each PET film is analyzed in the laboratory, to anticipate its behaviour and adjust the tool as well as the pre-cutting parameters.

The resulting pre-cut quality is validated according to factual and repeatable criteria, on a testing equipment designed by SYNERLINK which measures the angle and mechanical load needed to break the pack and separate cups.

With SNAPCUT, agrifood manufacturers are sure to get a functional tool, tailored to their particular PET, machine and process.

SYNERLINK is also measuring -- under real conditions -- the wear of 20 combinations of materials, treatments and finishings in order to be able to guarantee up to 10 million pre-cutting cycles without resharpening, optimizing operational costs for its customers.


SNAPCUT is the result of intense R&D work and significant investment, which allowed SYNERLINK to gather extensive knowledge on the mechanical behaviour of PET.

This offer is the final step of a project started in 2018 and aiming at developing for agrifood manufacturers a complete, fully optimized and reversible upgrade solution for their FFS lines.

PET thus joins PLA (polylactic acid) in the portfolio of alternative solutions to PS for plastic cups end-of-life management.