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YOLO cups in supermarket linears

For its successful product,Yolo, TNUVA has chosen a flexible SYNERLINK filler

Feb 04, 2020

For this commercially successful product, the Israeli dessert and yogurt producer has chosen a flexible filler from SYNERLINK.

TNUVA, a producer of desserts and yogurts, put its trust in Synerlink to ensure a successful production launch of its new dessert — 1 million cups a week! - on an ERMI filling machine with the SYNERLINK nameplate.

The SL-FC-1200L machine is highly flexible both in terms of product type, and cup format and material.

The cups are filled under aseptic conditions at a rate of 24,000 cups an hour at all times.The Yolo cream dessert is filled cold with the option to place an abundant layer of cream on top.

The machine accepts two cup diameters — 65 mm and 87 mm — with two different cup heights. The 65 mm diameter cup comes in cardboard with a cardboard cover, as well as in a PP version, which can take an aluminum or PET lid.

The hygiene level of the ERMI filler ensures a product expiration date of 60 days on the shelf, which is in tune with the customer’s request.