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Operator on Efidrive control panel

Efidrive : from line operation to connected factory

Jul 01, 2020

SYNERLINK is the first packaging machine manufacturer to enhance its systems with the functionalities of a Manufacturing Executing System (MES).

The Efidrive line management module is a straightforward solution to connecting the modern factory. This packaging line operation software has been supplemented with an optional module which enables the manufacturer to connect their lines to the company’s ERP as well as to various third-party devices.

MES made easy

Synerlink’s line management module acts as an interface for data coming from the shopfloor and from the ERP, as well as a production coordinator. It provides real time information on the planning of production orders, raw material supply and completion of all stages of the process. It also collects automatically traceability and performance data.

Developed by a packaging line specialist for packaging lines, and integrated in the Efidrive software, this line management module can be implemented much more quickly (and thus at a lower cost) than a third-party MES.

Adopted by the Schreiberfoods factory located in Cléry le Petit (France)

Schreiberfoods is using the Efidrive software and the new line management module to operate 4 packaging lines (1 FS line and 3 FFS lines) simultaneously. Together, they produce 80 SKUs of yogurts, cottage cheese and milk desserts for Système U.

The lines are connected with fruit preparation dosing units, labellers, laser printers and AGVs. Recipe changeover is fully optimized, significantly reducing the possibility of human error.

Production machinery is entirely linked to Schreiberfoods’ ERP, which in turn is connected with the ERP of the customer. The supply needs of Système U are automatically integrated to the production workflow : production is adjusted to demand in real time and the logistic platforms can check the status of their orders at any time.

The packaging line operation software Efidrive was created in 2010 by the Industrial IT department of SYNERLINK. It has been designed from the very beginning with interoperability (using PackML and OPC standards) and communication in mind -- anticipating the revolution of connected objects in the industrial environment (IIoT).

Running on over 200 machines all around the world, Efidrive is highly appreciated for its reliability, secured architecture and ergonomic interface, as well as for all the production analysis functionalities it offers in order to increase the performance of packaging lines.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) : software used to manage and follow on a daily basis all the information and operating services of a company.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) : transport vehicle moving on its own, without human intervention.

PackML (Packaging Machine Language) : automation standard developed for the control of packaging machines, which allows them to communicate with one another.

OPC / OPC Unified Architecture : manufacturer-independent communication protocol developed by the OPC foundation, which is today considered as the interoperability standard for Industry 4.0.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) : internet and internet of things applied to the industrial environment in order to connect sensors with intelligent industrial devices and information systems.