Testimonial, A complete packaging line installed in Russia by Synerlink

SYNERLINK has successfully installed a complete packaging production line for Unimilk, a major  dairy producer in Russia, at their Petmol production facility.

This engineering project utilized the collaborative expertise from the SYNERLINK partnership of: Arcil, Dosil, Aprium and Tecma Pack. The overall order included the new Arcil A6 R2D thermoforming machine integrated with the Dosil DPDM filler, an Aprium AP90 overwrapper/case packer and a Tecma Pack case erector. This line was presented at the Arcil stand at the last Interpack tradeshow.

Igor Gubernatorov from Unimilk states: “The ergonomics of the Arcil lines and their compactness largely facilitate maintenance and servicing. It is this that distinguishes them from competitors and which has prompted our choice for the A6 R2D thermoforming machine. Secondly, Arcil has proposed a complete offer engineered by SYNERLINK for supplying the full line. For us, the major benefit of SYNERLINK is the consistency of the line provided and the easy operation of the entire production line.

Furthermore, as this is only one overall order, the project is easier to manage as there is only one SYNERLINK representative who manages the project from A to Z.”

The technology of the following Aprium AP90 line includes such advantages as: zero product accumulation pressure which maintains product integrity, automatic rejecting of material splicing, and automatic end of production product emptying.

The entire line uses common automation platform developed in cooperation with Siemens. Recipe and format changes are synchronized through the EfiDrive HMI platform that is supplied as a standard to each machine on the line.  The EfiDrive provides the operator an overall view and control of the complete production line using a common visual standard.