New high speed overwrapping machine

new overwrapping machine aprium for high productivity multipack FFS machine

New High Speed multipack machine 1x2x1 up to 2x6x2 for 43,200 cups/hour

The new APRIUM TECHNOLOGY machine provides solution for high speed full line FFS with end of line up to 66,000 cups/hour.

Since the beginning of January, this new overwrapping machine AP360 is producing on customer site a small collation of 2 cups for premium products. Connected to an ARCIL FFS machine delivering 43,200 cups/h, it delivers 360 packs /min of paperboard sleeved packs of 2 cups. This performance means the fastest robotic multipacker in the world at today’s date.
This machine was integrated by Synerlink for a major dairy plant in Japan.

Key features:

  • Ajustable pitch according to the size of the collation
  • Wide range of possible collation 1x2x1 up to 2x3x2 on two layers
  • Including automatical splicing management
  • Including EFIDRIVE HMI of SYNERLINK on boarding electrical drawings, maintenance instructions, part lists and drawings…


Aprium Technology is a Synerlink partner. It offers to its customers robotics end-of-line solutions. Continuous motion with integrated robotics brings efficient high capacity end-of-line. Its flexibility simplifies product change-over and end of production emptying operations with 0 product losses.

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