A6 FFS line

A6 FFS line

Key distinguishing features of the FFS A6: Arcil best-seller – 150 lines in operation worldwide

Specific Arcil design for high productivity: no mechanics below the plastic web, pulling with pick-chains, in-mold labelling with patented “helicopter” labelling device, external filling station, ultraclean laminar air flow in the filling area.
Equipped with the exclusive EfiDrive HMI software like all machines engineered by Synerlink.

Your benefits:

Steady state production efficiency, minimal start and stop waste, operational ergonomics, ease of machine accessibility, little change-over time, and low manpower requirements for operation and maintenance optimizes the productivity and reduces the operating costs.

Ex: 125gr labeled cup
20,000 up to 43,000 cups/hour
Ex: 50gr “suisse” cup
60,000 cups/hour
Ex: 150gr “conical” cup
Plastic web width Up to 420 mm
Plastic web pitch Up to 400 mm
Wrap-around label optional
Waved or tapered label optional