Ffs packaging machines

The benefits of the Synerlink FFS packaging machine

Synerlink is a global packaging solutions provider of food or non-food packaging machinery. Our team provides complete line engineering and turnkey project management including ffs packaging machines, hot filling line. SYNERLINK is experienced in sales and technical support expertise for personal care, household products, dairy, food and beverage industries.

FFS packaging machines (form fill and seal) are an innovative solution for primary packaging of foods, beverages and cosmetic products. Synerlink Engineering is a leading provider of packaging systems with a state-of-the-art, FFS packaging machine that adapts to several rigid form packaging.


Discover more about the high performance of FFS packaging machine that allows you to choose from any shape or format of container for liquids and solids. Single serving products such as yogurts, fruit purees are packaged with speed and precision while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.


As a partner of the leading manufacturer of FFS packaging machines, Synerlink Engineering integrates the primary packaging system into production lines across the world. Working together with your production and marketing teams, Synerlink helps you design and program the desired cup or container form, labelling and sealing of your food or beverage

FFS packaging machines:technology for line performance

Improved productivity and cost-effectiveness are major benefits of this innovative technology. High capacity packaging with consistent quality and maintenance of sanitary standards are guaranteed with Synerlink FFS packaging machines.

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