Ffs filling machine

The FFS filling machine: cup forming and filling technology

Synerlink Engineering provides new generation, FFS filling machines (form, fill and seal), a cost-effective and high performance solution for packaging of foods. The leading company provides packaging machines for a whole range of food and beverage types, in a choice of rigid, semi-rigid material, shape and form.

The FFS filling machine is built with cup or container forming capabilities for single serving products such as baby foods, yoghurts, desserts… bi-layer filling, chilled and hot line filling, are achieved with speed and accuracy with every attention paid to maintaining 3a sanitary standards. Indeed, optimal food hygiene and safety via high level filtering systems integrated into the filling process ensure the best quality product packaging.

As a partner of the leading manufacturers of FFS filling machines, Synerlink Engineering can design and integrate the primary packaging equipment into your production line anywhere in the world. Design your primary packaging in a multitude of forms and dimensions, meet marketing objectives with labelling and print abilities with optimal results with Synerlink solutions.

Benefits of FFS filling machines: new generation packaging

Synerlink designs and installs the best suited packaging solution for your site with performance warranty. Improve production capacity with FFS filling technology, cost-effective, streamlined filling, sealing and labelling in a single system. Synerlink provides primary and secondary packaging solutions and can design a turnkey solution for your packaging production line.

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