Extended shelf-life product

Innovative solutions for extended shelf-life products

Synerlink is a global packaging solutions provider of food or non-food packaging machinery. Our team provides complete line engineering and turnkey project management including extended shelf-life product, extended shelf-life product . SYNERLINK is experienced in sales and technical support expertise for personal care, household products, dairy, food and beverage industries.

Synerlink Engineering provides complete line performance for packaging of extended shelf-life products with a range of primary and secondary packaging equipment. Innovative, with high capacity and adapted to match your product design and marketing aims, create the exact packaging for foods and beverages.

As a leading provider of packaging systems for fresh produce such as dairy based foods and drinks, extended shelf-life products are filled in a choice of bottle, cup or any style of container with Synerlink Engineering filling units which guarantee a high level of hygiene and product quality.

Filling units with enhanced filtering systems are recommended for extended shelf-life products maintaining the highest sanitary standards for any plastic or lid materials selected by your marketing department.

Extended shelf-life products: from filling to secondary packaging

Synerlink Engineering also provides the configuration you need for case packing, the latest technologies are applied to help you at every stage of your packing operations, from batch preparation, overwrapping to palletizing, easily adapted to your existing production line.

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