Yogurt market trends

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Yogurt – a continuously evolving product

In a market where there are plentiful amounts of fresh dairy products, product differentiation is crucial - but is it enough?

In 2016, Synerlink's Upgrades & Services Sales division consulted with numerous dairy companies both abroad and in France as they sought to establish "cup superiority".

"We noticed that the KISS cup by Danone defined a new style in the yogurt marketplace that has become a veritable trend," says Gilles Demare, Synerlink's Upgrades & Services Sales Director. "Its rounded bottom has become a market standard. On the heels of Danone, our designers and Upgrades & Services team, who specialize in machine customizations, have helped many of our other customers find their ideal cup as the symbol of their brand."

Yogurt – a luxury product?

In addition to the current trend toward rounded cups, another innovation worth noting is the desire for see-through containers. "It is one way to make products look more high-end. Instead of packaging the product, the idea is to wrap around it," says Demare.

 The container's clear material and sheer or partial label provides information to consumers while letting them see the product up close, which is key particularly for products like fruit or whipped cream. It becomes the "first moment of truth" when the consumer, who is initially drawn to the product, reaches out and puts it in their basket!

The transparent PS is obtained by adding SBC resin. Several Arcil FFS machines have already been using this plastic for a number years. The first see-through KISS cups were produced on Arcil FFS machines in 2014, a development that subsequently gained momentum in the United States.

"This approach, with a rounded cup and visible product, sparked a major craze in the US. (click here to read more...)

We sought out the most suitable materials, both for the plastic and the label, to create cups with various levels of opacity," says Demare.

The latest creation is the Activia Curve 4 oz (113 g), made with transparent PS and an OPS label.

Yogurt – a product to be filled and handled with care!

When using clear containers, high-accuracy filling becomes crucial, especially for delicate or layered products. In addition to meeting food safety standards, products must be filled so as to ensure their integrity and uniformity as they flow into the cup. The product must then be handled without agitating along the rest of the production line.

This is an important prerequisite leading to the "second moment of truth" – the act of repurchasing! And earning customer loyalty...

That is why the Upgrades & Services Sales team works closely with the Dosil team, Synerlink's filling business, and with the Aprium team, Synerlink's end-of-line robotic technology business.

Synerlink packages your product, shows it off in its container, and safeguards it throughout the entire process, from filling through end-of-line operations.

Synerlink teams help their customers manufacture a high-quality, modern, and aesthetically pleasing cup, while ensuring a thorough and diligent project execution.


For more information, contact Synerlink's Upgrades & Services Sales team at services@synerlink.com.