Synerlink strengthens its presence in the Middle East

Synerlink FFS machine

Customer successes highlights the food packaging equipment maker’s capabilities and global reach

“The yogurt market is booming in this region, and through our experience and capable teams, we have what takes to meet the needs of our customers,” said Jad Skafi, Middle-East sales executive at Synerlink. “Many different companies in the region are seeking a partner to help grow their production while the yogurt market is going at full tilt. Synerlink offers packaging technologies that allow production/filling of cups and bottles with equipment to help reduce production costs for our customers.”

Recently, Baladna, a large 20,000 cow farm in Qatar, put their trust in Synerlink to provide the equipment for their brand-new production unit. Like other major industrial players in the international dairy market, Baladna has chosen to package its yogurt product in a conical thermoformed cup with a paper label, produced by a complete high-capacity form-fill-seal line equipped with fully-integrated robotic end-of-line equipment.

Marmum, a regional player in the United Arab Emirates with an eye toward expansion, has chosen to install form-fill-seal machines for packaging its yogurt product (with and without fruit). “They have chosen cups that are highly differentiated from the standard options seen in the market, including over capper installation,” Jad Skafi said.

Though known for their innovations and successes in packaging yogurt, Synerlink equipment can package a wide variety of food products: Salads, hummus, eggplant caviar, fruit juices, strained yogurt from camel milk and kefir are all more specialized food products that can be packaged with Synerlink equipment lines. “We offer filling solutions for products with complex textures, such as cottage cheese and salads. Several opportunities for low- and medium-rate filling units are currently underway in the area,” Jad Skafi adds.

Moreover, Synerlink’s global offerings extend to industrial ends-of-line integrated behind the fillers, both for cups and bottles. Large international groups like Danone, Schreiber and PepsiCo have also put their confidence in integrated solutions for cup sleeving, overpacking, boxing and palletization from Synerlink.

“We also have technicians who are native speakers of English, Arabic, French and Hindi, which helps serve our customers with easy and clear communication with the machine operators and the plant management team. Having well diversified technicians is a very important factor in quickly ramping up and training the teams,” Jad Skafi said.

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