Synerlink launches the SnapLid option for the production of reclosable lids on ARCIL FFS lines

With snap-on lid thermoforming and sealing capabilities in line, the SnapLid option is now making the cost-saving and industrial benefits of FFS technology available for multi-serving products.


SnapLid eliminates the need for peel-off lids on multi-serving cups

By offering a high output alternative to conventional solutions that incorporate overcap lids, SnapLid allows manufacturers of multi-portion products to ditch the often necessary plastic film or foil sealing systems in favor of a fully-integrated packaging solution that thermoforms and seals a snap-on lid in line – without the need for an overcap lid.

The SnapLid option is available for packing any kind of product, such as fresh cheese, crème fraîche, butter, spreads, dips, puréed vegetables, vegetable salads, spices, and dry foods like snacks, cereal bars, and cookies, into ultra-clean cups ranging from 10 g to 1 kg in size.


A very effective solution for PS and PET cups

A similar solution previously offered on PVC thermoforming lines has since all but disappeared from the market.

It took Synerlink 2 years of research and development and all of its thermoforming expertise to adapt such a concept to the PS and PET film that dominates the food packaging industry today.

Made from a PET/PE or PS/PE laminate, the built-in lid provides an excellent seal at high output rates (up to 30 cycles per minute).

Once opened, the final consumer can easily snap it closed to keep the product completely sealed and fresh longer.


A cost-effective, industrial solution for reclosable cups

Apart from the time and material savings gained by eliminating the peel-off lid, the optional SnapLid module for reclosable cups provides other proven benefits of ultra-clean FFS technology:

Greater manufacturing efficiency with shorter lines, offering an increase in productivity

- Greater cost-effectiveness of constructing packaging on-site (material, logistics, and storage costs) by creating value in-house.


An appealing cup for your consumers

Not only does the SnapLid cup give consumers what they want (can open in one easy step, large pull tab, can store unused product), it is also attractive and easy to use.

To make the already high-end (grid cut) look even more eye-catching to consumers, it is also possible to apply either a strip label in line, or a shrink sleeve label at the end of the line.

SnapLid, the Arcil FFS option for your multi-serve food products was awarded in November 2016 by the "PACKAGING OSCAR" !