a SYNERLINK dispensing R&D area open to its customers

A team of dosing experts

The Dosil Operational Center in Corbeil-Essonnes, France, which designs and develops Synerlink dispensing systems, is growing closer to its customers. 

Qualifying a product, improving a dispensing performance, developing a new product – Synerlink customers can take advantage in complete confidentiality of the expertise of the R&D team at the operational center for Dosil dispensing systems in Corbeil-Essonnes. 

“We've developed an R&D area that lets our team of experts conduct test campaigns with our customers' products. This R&D area is equipped with an adaptable test bench and high-performance measurement tools.” explains Arnaud Brière, Dosil Director.

More than ten Synerlink customers took advantage of this Dosil expertise in just a few months.

Faced with a question of fruit leakage, numerous trials can be run using the test dispenser to evaluate and optimize leakage while maintaining the fruit's integrity. The results will serve to develop a design for a low OPEX dispenser to adapt for industrial production. The DOSIL team can then assist the customer during installation of the upgraded dispenser and production launch to ensure the project's success. 

For example, to reduce the leakage rate for “fruit on the bottom” (FOB) preparations, a testing protocol was defined with the customer to optimize the parameters of the Dosil “fruit” nozzle bar. Up to seven different fruit preparations were tested. Where the rate of leakage initially ranged from 0.6% to 1.2%, the Dosil R&D team, after conducting test campaigns, defined and proposed a solution that brought the leakage rate down to values of 0% to 0.3% !

The Dosil team also supports its customers with their innovation projects.

For example, how can you industrialize dispensing for an innovation where fruit morsels are distributed within a uniform topping over the white mass with a 95 mm cup entry? After defining a testing protocol and technical tests, the Dosil experts were able to supply an effective technical solution.