Primary Packaging FFS

Arcil Dinieper

A cost-effective packaging technology

Choose the format of your rigid containers (straight, conical, reverse conical or round plastic cup...)

Synerlink integrates the most cost-effective solutions for spoonable single serving products using Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines.

This technology allows an expanding range of packaging formats and container shapes, sizes, and materials.
For more than 30 years, our FFS partner for primary packaging has been supplying production lines throughout the world using cup forming machines that includes: labeling, product filling, cup sealing and specific SKU cutting configurations.

Our plastic cup packaging machine range includes low capacity affordable FFS (4,000 cups/h) up to high productivity FFS lines (40,000 to 80,000 cups/hour).
The range of our evolutive equipment gives you the flexibility to follow the growth of your required production capacity!

Shelf visibility of your package is a major consideration.

FFS technology allows an attractive marketing appearance carrying a 360° message on high quality printed materials of the thermoformed cups.

Our integrated in-line label application enables a high capacity on the FFS lines without impact to production efficiency.

Synerlink designers and engineers help you to iconize your plastic cup packaging. Our latest innovations make it possible to produce FFS tapered cups and wave label shaped cups with a quality paper-based label as well as round, reverse conical shaped or twin-cups for consumers to enjoy mixing different products!

Most filling volumes on FFS cups range from 50 to 200 grams for spoonable snacks but Synerlink can also supply volumes from 10 to 2000 grams as well.  Some example ranges are:

  • Individual Portions: 10-50gr
  • Beverage: 100-300gr
  • Family sIze: 200-2000gr


Discover a flexibility that considers your OE

Because industrial production requires frequent changes of SKU’s, our FFS packaging machines are designed to easily prepare new material reels during production. 

Plastic, lid and label reels have a supply duration of several hours. FFS automation (Simotion or Kinetics) manages signals from processing and downstream equipment to minimize product and material losses as well as reduce change-over time. One single operator operates the complete packaging line!

A variety of plastic materials can be used on our FFS cup forming machines. PS is the most common but PP and other multilayer materials can achieve features such as oxygen barrier protection. We can now produce separable PET multipacks with our new cutting technology. As well, we are now producing plant-based cups on several of our lines.

The lid material on FFS cups is produced from paper/polyester which is far less expensive than precut aluminum foil lids used on preform cups.