SnapLid, the Arcil FFS packaging option for multi-serve products awarded by professionnals through the "packaging oscar".

"We developed SnapLid to make it possible for our lines to accommodate multi-serving food products, cooking products, large, family-size containers, and accompaniments that come in multiple portions (such as butter, jam, sauces, and snacks). "explains Jean-Albert Larmaraud, Business Innovation director at Synerlink. "Arcil FFS machines are particularly efficient in handling rigid, single-portion cups. We therefore modified them for use with multi-serving products by integrating lid thermoforming technology on the same machine, rather than requiring the extra step of an end-of-line lid placement."

The SnapLid option for the Arcil A7 will significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while maintaining or even increasing production rates.

Unlike standard machines that require either an operator to fill the lid magazine or an automatic loader, the SnapLid lidding option requires hardly any user intervention – only a plastic reel needs to be changed every two hours – and integrates directly within the production line, with a minimal footprint.

In addition, the SnapLid lid reduces material costs by 25 to 30% and opens the door for printing onto the lid. That is because the new lid, which is sealed onto the thermoformed cup in line, replaces the often necessary plastic film or foil underneath standard lids with a single, airtight lid that can be resealed after opening. Labeling is totally possible and will stay there for the entire shelf-life of the product!