Right-sizing for sustainable and cost saving cup packaging

Optimized logistics of FFS packaging

Synerlink Form-Fill-Seal packaging lines produces single serving packaging in multipacks or in single cups.

FFS plastic cup packages are shipped in rollstock form and then thermoformed in your plant. This avoids the logistics and hygienic issues of glass, cartons, or stacked preformed conical cups in plastic. One pallet of rollstock is equivalent to nine pallets of preformed cups! This means fewer trucks on the road and reduced transport costs.

Maximizing load density is vital to minimizing environmental impact.  Furthermore transport and distribution costs have a very important impact on global production cost. That is why Synerlink designers study right-sizing the package to optimize palletizing and minimize distribution costs.

A global packaging intelligence

Wasted space in packaging results in excess materials, transport, handling, and storage.

Synerlink designers integrate all customer packaging constraints in their studies to propose a holistic approach for a cost-effective and efficient packing solution.

They study the best solution in all the stages of production: primary packaging, product dosing, secondary packaging, material handling and transport packaging to optimize the overall production cost for optimum performance.