Less Material and Product used
Less Material and Product used

Less Material and Product used

Benefits beyond sustainability

Packaging material weight reduction

For the primary packaging stage, Synerlink proposes form-fill-seal technology to its customers.

Among other advantages such as global production costs, FFS technology requires much less material consumption than preform cups.  As an example, the estimated annual material savings  by producing 6oz (170gr) PS (polystyrene) with FFS vs. preform PP (polypropylene) cup is estimated at 34% !

With more than 30 years of experience, Synerlink FFS technology has been optimizing plastic thickness and minimizing material waste. Synerlink FFS packaging machines can produce lightweight or expanded PS cups.

Our filling stations are the most accurate on the market for high productivity fillers. We blend the fruit preparation just prior to filling resulting in minimal product losses during flavor changes.

FFS packaging lines  allow you to create shelf-ready-packaging: multipacks of x4 or x6  can be displayed non-sleeved, direct on your retailer shelves ...

Pre-production Engineering:

Packaging machinery to meet new packages with a smaller footprint

To answer the increasing demands from consumers for sustainable packaging, Synerlink takes a holistic and collaborative approach of your packaging design. This means that our designers and engineers study your plastic cup packaging as well as the secondary packaging early in the design phase to reduce material consumption and optimize pallet configuration.

Optimizing secondary packaging material

Secondary packaging is also an important source of material reduction.

We also produce end-of-line solutions that optimize paperboard materials such as drop-through sleeves or alternatives for plastic crates, such as honeycomb carrier trays or retail-ready case packing…
Should you choose to use thinner corrugated board or cartons, our end-of-line packaging machines are designed for gentle handling of product and packaging materials at high speeds.

Less Material and Product used