Technology for ease of use

Standardized ergonomics of the Human Machine Interface

Synerlink has developed our HMI standard: EfiDrive for all Synerlink machines to facilitate the management and control of the complete line by one operator.

It is designed to provide the operator with a visual standard that is simple and consistent for complete packaging line performance. Operation of the EfiDrive is quickly learned as all commands use the same symbolic logic based on our complete line engineering approach.

Furthermore, all complete lines engineered by Synerlink are compliant to the packaging line standard known as PackML (Packaging Machine Language) developed by the OMAC Packaging Workgroup.

The visualization of each machine's status

EfiDrive, the Human Machine Interface for all Synerlink machines, was conceived to enhance the capacity of the operator to manage the complete packaging line.

EfiDrive incorporates a screen graphic that provides pertinent information of all packaging equipment on the line such as:format selection, production counters, run status, fault cause, etc.  The operator has constant visual feed-back of all machine information and packaging material status from any Synerlink machine on the line. One operator can efficiently operate our engineered packaging lines.

Everything is inside : doc, reporting, set up…

  • EfiDrive contains all information necessary to efficiently operate the packaging line.
  • EfiDrive incorporates machine and line operation, parameter settings, diagnosis assistance, format recipe management as well as trouble shooting assistance.
  • EfiDrive manages performance by providing  valuable production downtime, runtime and loss data, as well as trends, and reports.
  • EfiDrive includes all machine documentation, with an efficient intuitive access.
  • Driven by a complete line engineering and global approach, EfiDrive can be installed on any remote PC for personnel training, as well as documentation consulting