Fruits & Vegetable
Fruits & Vegetable

Fruits & Vegetable

Attractive packaging for a growing market

Priority #1: the respect of fruit or vegetable piece integrity

We have produced hot-fill solutions for products such as: single or multi-flavor fruit jams, jelly, honey, stewed fruits, fruit puree and vegetable preparations with or without fruit pieces.

Our standard line of DPDL fillers can accept up to 21mm (0.82'') diameter sized solid pieces as well as small hard seeds (ie: passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry ).  
The DPSC filler can handle jam products with very large fruit pieces up to 30x40mm ( 1.18”x1.57”).  Standard fruit prep with dosing can range from 10cc up to 400cc per cup.

Extended shelf-life (ESL) for fruits or vegetable single portion

Barrier plastics can be used to protect products from gas and/or liquids using structures such as PS/EVOH/PE or PP/EVOH/PP.

In-mold labeling with paper+hot melt, or PVC shrink sleeve application allow branding and communication on each cup.

Our fillers can be used for hot fill up to 95°C (203°F) to achieve hygienic filling for a 6 to 18 month product shelf life.