Fresh Dairy Products

Health and fun in single portions cups

Extended shelf-life (ESL) for fresh dairy products

Because of the easy-to-clean features along with ultra-clean design, Synerlink fillers and yogurt production FFS lines are adapted for the production of Extended Shelf Life products (ESL).

They are designed with an ultra-filtered filling environment consisting of Class 100 or Class 10 filters located above the filling stations.  Specific high-hygiene applications can be equipped with an environmental extension for the plastic and lid materials. No mechanical drives below the plastic web facilitate the cleanliness and control of the filler.

Our dairy product equipment allows you to dose a wide range of products such as: set yogurt, stirred yogurt with aroma and fruit pieces, jams, cream cheese, petit-suisse, quark, cottage cheese as well as other products.

Flexibility for your yogurt production line

Complete production lines are able to create multi-format packs adapted to your product range.

Several pack configurations are possible to suit your market and we can produce different cup volumes adding flexibility to the complete line.

Specific plastic materials can also be used to address desired qualities such as: transparency, UV, water, fat, or gas barriers etc...

Your product differentiation

Customize by inserting:  straws, spoons, magnets etc. in your yogurt multi-packs.

These components are automatically applied at high speed in your production line during the overwrapping operation.